Are the big iPhone models cannibalising the iPad?

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Once upon a time, in a different age, Apple derided phablets. Psst: If you didn’t already know, a phablet is a large phone, usually with a display of 5.5-inch or above. Of course, Apple derides a lot of things and then turn around to implement them sometime in the future. Then a new dawn arrived in 2014 when the iPhone 6 Plus was announced. Since then, another phablet the iPhone 6s Plus has been launched and others are clearly on the way.

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A tweet by Jesse Oguns gives a hint of what is likely a trend among iPad users:

Apparently, the big iPhones are eating up the lunch of iPads. Traditionally, phablets and tablets are not quite good bed fellows. If you have a large smartphone in your hand, what really do you need a tablet for again? Some professional tasks will require a tablet, to be sure, but for many everyday users, it is reasonable to expect that they will find less use for a tablet once they get a large smartphone in their hands. What do you think – Are the big iPhone models cannibalising the iPad?


  1. If you have a large smartphone in your hand, what really do you need a tablet for again?

    For a while, my tablets were gathering dust, because I got a six inch Tecno Phantom AIII. When on the road, going about, the phablet serves very well. But when I am at home, the tablet is preferable generally.

    Can you really comfortably read a full sized magazine like the Reader’s Digest on a puny six-inch phone? I wouldn’t want to!

    Apart from portability issue, the bigger the screen size of a device, the better.

    However, I would agree that a phablet will do in most cases, and the more Senior Jailbirds in the Apple Prison would likely have both the iPhone and iPad toys.

  2. My plan of getting an iPad died the day I got my first phablet. If I need something bigger I’ll use my laptop.

  3. I believe this is a reflection of the general trend in the mobile world,more and more people are ditching their tablets in favour of the phablet and this can be seen in the downward spiral on tablets sales figures..personally I ditched my LG G Pad after 3 months of use as I couldn’t be bothered logging the extra weight about..

  4. On a lighter note, we asked & prayed for it and it’s happening. I’ve been to a number of weddings lately and tablets aren’t snapping the pictures again.

    Mobile photography has improved lately and phablets have served to close the screen estate gap. I used to think 5″ was the sweetest spot but having used the 6″ Nexus 6 for a month or so, 5.5″ looks small now.

  5. The iPhone Plus isn’t replacing the iPad. I still see a lot of people wandering around following the map on their iPad. I still see a lot of people using their iPads on their commute.

    Some people like the bigger landscape on their phone, but many people still watch films on their 4″ iPhone. The good thing is that the likes of the iPhone Plus gives people options, but for many it won’t replace their iPad.

  6. Abiola, I’ve used the Nexus 6 twice now and still can’t get used to 6 inches. I have managed 5.5 inches. Till date, 5 – 5.2 inches remains my sweet spot. Those huge things! Mehn…

  7. Yes, getting used to the huge size takes some time but once you’re there, no going back.

    The Nexus 6 is a well designed device; the slim edges, the arc back, tactile feed back on the buttons, the screen, ample RAM. It was hard letting it go.

    My Zenfone 2 actually looks small now, I added a big case to make it more handy.

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