Understanding Digital Wellbeing Features On Android: Focus Mode, Parental Controls, Heads Up, and others

Digital Wellbeing Features On Android.

Digital wellbeing, what is it? How can it help me in the usage of my Android device? Firstly, what is Digital Wellbeing? You can find a narrowed down and brief explanation by Mister Mobility in this article, there he defined digital wellbeing as “a suite of apps that help you manage your smartphone usage and … Read more

Netflix Streaming Guide: Have You Been Streaming Wrong?

Netflix Streaming Guide

A Netflix Streaming Guide? Yes. The long awaited Money heist season 5 is out on Netflix, maybe you also waited for this movie, a lot of people did (here is the Netflix streaming link).  Streaming services have become a norm to most people around the world today. The feeling of being among the first people … Read more

Evaluating Android Security! Are You At Risk?

Android Security

Have you ever wondered about how secure your Android device is, who has access to what and when? Well you are not alone in your thoughts, millions around the world have also asked the same question.  It has become very common for most people to write off Android security quickly. This has made a lot … Read more