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Have you ever subscribed to the 10 megabyte data allowance offered by our mobile service providers? I must say that I have times without number and it has served me well. The problem is that it is so small that I soon exhaust it. Sometimes, I feel there’s another me who accesses the internet with my phone.

mobile web

10mb currently costs N100 on my network. This data is expected to last for 24 hours. Kindly divide that by 12. I use a Nokia 5250 (Symbian Device) and I’m still very pleased with it’s services and features (I’m not stale though).

If all that I do on my smartphone is read and reply mails, access social networks and chat, a 10mb bundle lasts me about 10 hours. But that isn’t possible for me anymore! I have to blog, tweet, chat, make few downloads (apps, games, themes), study on Wikipedia and some other important stuff that I can’t remember now. 10mb of data is far too small! It only lasts for nothing more than 4 hours.

Imagine buying 10mb of data twice daily for 5 days in a week. Know how much that is altogether? Honestly, it drains the wallet! Like the BIS, there should be a special and low-cost internet package for other smartphone users. It’s unfair!

It is not unfair. As I have pointed out several times, BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) uses a compression service that takes a lot of the burden off the network’s capacity. This makes special low rates very convenient. Just petition Google to implement something similar for their services and problem is solved for Android users. No hope for Symbian. Perhaps Apple and Microsoft can implement similar for iOS and Windows Phone too? – Editor-in-Chief

How long does 10mb of data last on your mobile? Let’s have your view.

Imo Messenger

Hi there, I got this interesting app which you’d definitely like! Imo Messenger is a cross-platform messenger that allows you to access your favourite chat services all in one app. You grab?

I call it ‘interesting’ because it supports Facebook Chat, Google Talk, My Space, AIM, Skype and other popular chat protocols with just one login after initial linking of these services to your IMO account.

Also, IMO messenger has a cool and environment-friendly UI that fits just hundreds of devices it supports.

Other Features:

  • Supports Chat History and Search
  • Group Chat
  • Voice IM (Allows short voice messages)

Download from (Select your device type at the top-right corner). Enjoy!

As we keep evolving round the world of mobile devices, we don’t seem to resist the newly spilled mobile phone devices as they get us wanting them with their catchy specifications.

Who would want to stay stuck to a stale phone? Sure not me! Don’t know about you.

In this Jet-Age, things are coming up rapidly especially in the Tech world swishing down to the mobile universe. In essence, our dear phone brands keep surprising us almost daily with new updates to their products and our body resistance level tends to be zero. You know what I mean?

So now, irrespective of the Operating System deployed, what mobile phone brand has really earned your thumbs up? You can make your reviews in the aspect of elegant designs, user interface and other things reviewable 🙂

As for me, I’m confused!

A website or blog which is not mobile-friendly is mostly regarded as useless in today’s world. It is more so especially in a country like Nigeria where there are more mobile users than PC users.

Personally, I don’t think I’d love any web content that does not dsplay well on my mobile phone. For this reason, I decided to take a closer look at the top two social networks and how far they’ve gone with being mobile-friendly.

Facebook and Twitter are the world’s most recognized social networks. But hold on a minute and imagine Facebook without a mobile view. How will it look when accessing it from a mobile phone? Imagine if Twitter had no mobile view. How will you update your friends or send an important tweet/Direct Message in a commercial vehicle where you can’t make use of your pc?

In essence, mobile sites have really helped the growth of these Social Giants. Now, reviewing from the aspect of page size, I figured out that Twitter’s (New) mobile site is Weighty and consumes data than Facebook’s. You can also try it out for youself… I simply used the good old Opera Mini 4.4 to check the page sizes respectively.

However, the old Twitter mobile web was less heavy compared to the new one but as a matter of fact, the new one outsmarts the old one; Applies to Facebook also.

I wasn’t a fan of Twitter mobile web all along because it was too limited and less captivating (one main problem I’m currently having with Google+). I preferred using third-party Twitter mobile web clients until it was changed earlier this year.

Facebook’s mobile site was what I used more back then. It let users on mobile do most things a PC user does on Facebook. Plus, it helps save data consumption.

But let’s talk about now! Facebook and Twitter have both improved their respective mobile sites and added new features to polish the mobile view and even make it more mobile friendly. In my opinion, Facebook made the PC interface a complex one to ordinary internet users out there [People don’t even recognise their profile anymore]. This action has made a lot of people choose to stay on the mobile platform over the complex PC site.

Well, the mobile view also is getting complex drastically. I can boldly say my Newsfeed is not orderly arranged anymore. I just see junk on my mobile Facebook timeline as if it were the PC interface. This sucks! I now tell my friends, “Facebook is getting boring.” I don’t seem to get what I want or what I usually like to see on it anymore. I don’t know if you’re thinking in that direction also.

As for Twitter, I’m getting impressed, I must say! A lot of my friends are getting to know it well and are doing full-time migration from Facebook to Twitter. While the new Twitter on mobile web is heavy, I still like the catching interface and the fascinating arrangement of tweets; I wish my Facebook mobile timeline could be like that.

Personally, I give it to Twitter! It’s mobile recognition is highly embraced. I have written off Facebook and apparently, Google+ for low mobile expectations. What are your thoughts?

Mobile Apps

We all have different needs, and as such based on those needs, there are certain mobile applications that are essential to us. These apps may be built-in or 3rd party apps. There is that one thing that you do on your phone everyday. Or a number of things.

Personally, I like listening to music on my phone, so the music player is key to me. I listen to music daily and I prefer listening to music on my handy Nokia 5250 to inserting discs into a multimedia player.

Also, I often write articles on my blogs. This makes me a very good user of the Notes App on my phone. I do more of blog coding on my phone by typing them in my Notepad. Really cool huh? This is why it’s called mobile >>> A device that answers to your primary requests.

So far, it is clear that my most-used and indispensable mobile phone apps are the Music Player and Notepad. I don’t cross 24 hours without using them. But I do need to mention that my phone’s default browser is another app that I can not runaway from. I still can call it the best app in my own case because my S60 device features a full web browser which supports Flash and HTML 5. What more do I need?

What apps are indispensable to you on your device?