10 best apps for HR professionals: An insider’s recommendations

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When you search for apps for HR professionals, you will find a lot of Human Resources Information System apps, and get to read about how these specialised apps can help you do your work. However there are everyday apps that make my life so much simpler.

They work for me as an HR professional working with companies and facilitating for clients, and one who is also a single mum. So they serve multiple purposes, including helping me to keep up with my son’s activities, without all my balls clashing or breaking.

I have different kinds of balls, rubber balls and glass balls. Below, I present my recommendation of common apps for HR professionals. Give them a try and see how much they make your work-life better.

10 best apps for HR professionals that I use and recommend
Asked to recommend apps for HR professionals, I made this list

My recommended best apps for HR professionals

  1. Keep Notes: I am writing this article on Keep Notes, and because it is available across all my platforms, I am able to write anywhere and everywhere. I could be on the move and away from my laptop when I get a call from a client; making a quick note in Keep Notes helps me stay updated and I can open the same on my laptop when I get home and seamlessly continue working on my document. As a single mum, I have lists – a shopping list, movies to watch list, schools activities list, all sorts of different things I need to remember. Using Keep Notes helps me stay organized.
  2. Google Calendar: With Google calendar, I’m able to stay on top of my appointments. My facilitating schedule is plugged into my calendar, and with the multiple reminders, I do not miss appointments, and I am able to prepare ahead. My son has has play dates and school programmes; I have to be a part of them. With Calendar, I make sure my activities as a consultant and a mother don’t clash and I juggle both sides of my life.
  3. LinkedIn: This app helps me stay in touch with my professional circle. The notifications remind me of whose birthday is due, and who has changed jobs that I need to congratulate. I am also able to share my thoughts on professional issues with articles on the platform. Recently, the notifications have become too frequent, but with the option to mute notifications, I am able to control what I notifications I receive.
  4. Camera: this helps me to record memories, memories of my sessions and when I play back, I can see where I need improvements in my techniques. I use the same to record memories with my son, they grow so fast, and these memories are what I would keep in my heart to remember the growing up.
  5. Audible or other audio reading apps: I love to read, and as the maxim says, readers are leaders. Life is however busy, and it is more difficult to carve out time to settle in and read books. With audio reading apps, I am able to keep up with my reading, as I cook, or drive.
  6. Google Sheets and Docs: sometimes, I need to edit tasks on the go, I may be out and a document needs updating, with sheets and documents, I can update my documents and submit immediately, it does not matter where I am.
  7. Sound Cloud: I love music, music keeps me alive, and with sound cloud, I can listen to music while I work, music makes the work go faster, no matter how mundane or boring the tasks.
  8. Google Drive: this app stores everything, and it provides peace of mind that your items are safely stored in the cloud and accessible from everywhere, even if you change devices, all you need is your password and you access it. Good for storing professional documents and memories with my son.
  9. Twitter: People use Twitter for different things, I use it find humour, connections and knowledge. There are so many things I have done further study on that I got the idea from Twitter. Conversations from Twitter helps me to ask my son some questions that stimulate discussion and I am able to guide him on some ideas
  10. Zoom: the pandemic and lockdown truly showed us what we can do in the face of obstacles. Zoom has been an awesome tool to have meetings, a large percentage of my facilitation sessions have been done on Zoom. My son had classes on zoom and continues to learn have other extra curricular classes on zoom

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