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Best Apps to Animate Photos on Android and iPhone: Create Stunning Animations

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An animated picture speaks volumes if a picture is worth a thousand words. An animated image can put you right in the middle of the action, whether you want to relive a funny scene or replay a memorable moment.

To bring your photos to life, you can apply motion and filter effects to any still image with dedicated apps. However, finding the best photo animator apps can be a lot of work. With thousands of options, it might be challenging to find a useful, ad-free app that meets your needs.

In this article, we will show you some of the best mobile apps for animating images on Android and iPhone devices. Each of these apps has a plethora of entertaining features for easily creating animated images.

What Are the Best Apps for Animating Photos on Android and iPhone?

Below are our recommendations for the best apps to animate photos on Android and iPhones.


Motionleap is one of the best photo animator apps for Android and iPhones, and it’s available for free. There is also a Pro and subscription version. Unlike many other photo animators, it does not add a watermark to your image when you save it to your phone.

The app’s main function is to animate still photos and turn them into brief, looping videos. By dragging your thumb across the screen, you can program directional cues into your image. You can also use filters on images and freeze specific portions to add atmosphere.

A notable downside is that if you’re not paying for a Pro account, Motionleap saves your animated still photos in video format.


GIPHY is the go-to resource for reaction memes for everything under the sun, and it also has a mobile app. You can use it to make your own GIFs and animate photos. You can upload them with the platform’s in-built animation tools.

One of the reasons we think GIPHY is among the best apps to animate photos is its user-friendly and clear interface. You can also make your own quick videos and add captions to animated photos with this app, which includes a sticker maker (available for iPhone X and later).


When it comes to animating photos, Movepic is comparable to Motionleap, but a lot of the work can be done using already included overlays and filters.

Sadly, you cannot remove the watermark unless you upgrade to a VIP account. Movepic also saves your images as a movie file rather than a GIF. Nonetheless, it still offers great features that make it among the top Android and iPhone apps for animating photos.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is another option among the best apps for animating photos. It allows you to add a variety of fun animations to your photos, including sparkle, love, sport, and summer. The animation’s speed and length can be changed, and it can be exported as a video, a GIF, or in the ideal format for Instagram or Facebook.

While YouCam Perfect is suitable for occasional use, it is aggressive in its attempts to persuade you to upgrade to the premium version. Many of the animations are behind a paywall, and you are only allowed to save/export two edited photos per day.


VIMAGE can create some truly stunning animated images with just a few taps. To bring your photos to life, you can use a variety of filters, animations, and sounds.

If you’d like to replace the sky in your photo with some sunny clouds, VIMAGE is a great option to try. It detects and replaces the sky automatically, so you wouldn’t even have to select it.

Note that options to export your images in up to 2560p resolution, remove the watermark, and access the full effects library all require payment, just like the majority of these apps. It’s still a great option nonetheless, so it’s one of the top apps to animate photos on Android and iPhones.


Lumyer allows you to animate your photos by applying hundreds of different effects. Lumyer can provide all-out scene changes, such as appearing on a rollercoaster, as well as subtle weather effects, sparkle, and holiday animations for Halloween and Christmas.

But remember, not all effects are available if you pay to have the watermark removed. There are also numerous in-app purchases to be aware of. Lumyer is a good option if you’re okay with that, but if not, you might prefer one of our other recommendations for the best photo animation apps for Android and iPhones.

In conclusion, select your pick from our suggestions of the best apps for animating photos on Android and iPhones, and have fun bringing your photos to life.

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