8 Best Apps to Learn Free Crafts at Home on your Android and iPhone

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It’s not just kids who can use free craft apps. We used to have to sign up for a physical tutorial if we wanted to learn a new art or hobby. Today, all we need is an Internet connection to access millions of tutorials, tips, and tricks to teach ourselves how to do things. Installing a craft app on your smartphone or tablet will make things even easier.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones available for Android and iOS below. Continue reading to learn about them. We frequently think that doing crafts at home requires a large investment or specialized knowledge. Nothing could be further from the truth considering all you need is a little bit of your time, a positive outlook, and one of our recommended apps.

Top 8 Best Apps to Learn Free Crafts at Home on your Android and iPhone

1. Pinterest: to find craft ideas

The best website for finding DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas is Pinterest, which has more than 320 million users. Although the app was designed as a social network, it has evolved over time into a specialized platform ffor DIY, crafts, tattoos, and other activities. You can browse through a variety of categories on its interface, with Do It Yourself, Architecture, and Decoration being some of our favorites. The app practically has everything, from tips on how to dress up garden pots to DIY Christmas decoration inspiration. Additionally, it is a fantastic app for interior design.

You can use it from a computer or a mobile device, and it is free. You can share your original works and store your own collection of “pins.”

2. Creative Ideas – DIY & Craft

You can use this app as a substitute to both find and share ideas. To complete specific projects, you can find a vast collection of tutorial-style videos and pictures. The app divides the content into four categories: Main, Favorite, Popular, and Followers. It’s important to note that it lacks a search feature.

Although its content is not updated as frequently, you can use it for years before you run out of tutorials to choose from. Its download is free for both Android and iOS.

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