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These Are The Best Mobile Games For Your Smartphone In 2020

best Android smartphone games for your device in 2021
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For most smartphone owners, their device is an all-encompassing device, one that can act as a personal assistant, calendar, alarm clock and a gateway to the internet. However, smartphones also provide entertainment value with their ability to let you enjoy mobile games on the go.

For Android smartphone users, there are millions of games to pick from in the Google Play Store ranging from sports games to adventure games and even simulation games. So we know how hard it is to select the best of the best when hunting for games for your Android Phone.

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best mobile games of 2020
Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best mobile games of 2020

We bring you some of the best and latest Android mobile games for your gaming pleasure. They are a subtle mix of all the different genres of mobile games selected specially for you.

Some of these games are listed below.

The Best Mobile Games Of 2020

  • Bloons TD 6

This game is the perfect pick for you if you are a fan of tower defense games, where you have to erect towers to wipe out bad guys who invade your map around a determined route. The Bloons TD 6 has a chaotic cartoon art style and legions of bizarre looking enemies making things more fun for you.

The manner you pick to defend your tower totally depends on you and what you think is the best tactic to escape every level unscathed. There are defensive units you can deploy during patrol and there are a number of challenges that present specific objectives that will earn you money when you complete them. This game also has a number of in-app purchases that can give you a better gaming experience.

At just $5, this game seems like a steal for lovers of tower defense games and is a perfect way to have fun on the go. You can get this game on Google Play Store through this link.


  • Exploding Kittens

This card game reminiscent of the Russian Roulette is a subtle mix of luck and strategy, as you and a number of other players (2 to 5 players) will all avoid getting blown up by an exploding kitten. This game has a quirky and comical art style, with a number of bizarre cat-themed cards.

This game is easy to learn, but takes a while and regular practice to master. Best enjoyed when played with other human players, this game costs only $2 and is a basic yet very engaging and enjoyable mobile game. You can get this game now by clicking this link.


  • Call of Duty: Mobile

This extremely popular FPS game has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, being played on various platforms from console to PC and now mobile. This game’s mobile version is specifically designed for touchscreen firefights, making it the perfect shooter game for your Android device.

This game is free, features a bunch of multiplayer modes, letting you share the fun with your friends and also includes Battle Royale, letting you enjoy some of the classic characters from other Call of Duty games. This game lets you customize loadouts, get ranked and win prizes.

This game is arguably the best FPS mobile game anywhere around and if you are a fan of shooter games, then dive right in and begin your journey in the Call of Duty. You can start this journey dodging bullets, conquering territories and avoiding bombs by clicking on the Google Play store link here.


  • Dragon Ball Legends

In recent years, the Dragon Ball series has seen some sort of resurgence in the cartoon industry and the Dragon Ball Legends has taken that opportunity. This game is lots of fun, especially for fans of Dragon Ball, and lets you fight through a series of levels, while unlocking more characters and newer abilities as you go.

This game’s unique control mode lets you operate it with just one finger, as you can pull off a number of moves or dodge and attack with a tap of the screen. This game can also be enjoyed in portrait mode, letting you have as much fun even while on the go. You can also enjoy this game with other people around the world to see who comes out tops.

This game is entirely free and can be downloaded on Google Play Store by clicking here.


  • Real Racing 3

This racing game features tons of car brands from Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ford and a host of others. Here, you get to test your racing skills on various tracks with other human players due to the cross-platform multiplayer mode available.

This game also has a number of customization options available, making it one of the best racing games around. This game is also free and can be installed from the Google Play Store. To do this, click this link now and begin your journey into the world of sports racing.


While these are some of the best mobile games currently available for your mobile, there are still hundreds of other great games for you mobile too, did we miss out on any glaring ones? Well, let us know below which other games you think should be up there.

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