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The Very Best One UI 5 Features To Enjoy On Your Samsung Phone

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what is great about One UI 5
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I am a fan of Samsung’s custom user interface, One UI, and I have followed it with keen interest since it first launched in 2018. It has gone through a few iterations since then, and now in October 2022, Samsung has released the 5th version, One UI 5.

In this article, I walk you through what I believe are the best One UI 5 features you can look forward to if you are buying a Samsung smartphone or if your current Samsung phone is eligible to be updated to this latest version. Come with me.

The Best One UI 5 Features

The Best One UI 5 Features

  1. Extract text from images and paste it into a note. My top favourite One UI feature is the ability to extract text from images for use elsewhere. I have lost count of the number of times I have had to use a 3rd party app for this. What is it useful for? You can take a photo of a business card and extract the text so you can create a new contact or modify an existing one. You can extract text from the label on a bottle or any other packaging, and then paste that text in an article, a note, and email, or any other medium. It is a nifty feature to now have backed into Samsung phones.
  2. Control all devices connected to your Samsung phone. If you have ever wondered why it wasn’t possible to control all connected accessories from your phone, it is clear that Samsung has been thinking about it for a while, and now they have fixed it. You can now do that. Earbuds, smartwatches, et al, that are connected to your Samsung phone are all now within your power to control right from your phone. This feature is found in the new Connected devices menu.
  3. Stay focused with One UI 5 Modes. One of the best One UI 5 features is the new Modes, which allows you to create customized settings for different periods of your life. I need my smartphone to prioritize differently when I am driving, when I want to sleep, when I am on my laptop and working, and when I am working out. There are times you want notifications muted, there are times you want them on but not loud, and there are times you want them loud. The new Modes feature lets you customize these and more, so your phone fits perfectly into every aspect of your lifestyle.
  4. Communicate better in noisy environments with Bixby Text Call. Have you ever needed to take a call in a noisy setting, and the person at the other end is unable to hear you clearly from time to time? The new Bixby Text Call lets you answer phone calls by typing a message. It converts the text to audio and send it to the other person. It also converts what the caller is saying at the other end to text and sends it to you, so you don’t miss a thing either. I will be looking forward to testing how good Bixby Text Call works. If it works as great as it sounds on paper, fantastic.

These are my top One UI 5 features. Of course, there are more features than these four, but I consider these the ones I will find the most useful in regular use. You can read up on the full announcement of what One UI 5 brings to the table from the official Samsung website, here.

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