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Best Google Pixel Fold Trade-in Deals

Avatar of Mobility Daddy By Mobility Daddy May14,2023
Google Pixel Fold
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Best Pixel Fold Trade-in Deals: Trade in your iPhone or Samsung phone for up to $900
Get the best Google Pixel Fold trade-in deals, if you own an iPhone, Samsung, or Pixel phone

The much-anticipated Google Pixel Fold is official and already available for pre-order in the United States. It comes at a hefty price of $1800 for the 256GB base storage variant and $1920 for the 512GB variant. As such, and you might not be excited about spending that amount of money to get one. If you own one of a number of iPhones, Samsung phones, and even Pixel phones, you can trade it in for a Pixel Fold.

Of course, the trade-in value differs from one phone to another, because their selling prices differ. The iPhone models offer the best trade-in value, followed by Samsung galaxy phones, and lastly Pixel phones. If you own phones from other brands like OnePlus, Nokia, and Motorola, sorry, you are not able to trade-in your device for a Pixel Fold.

The Best Google Pixel Fold Trade-in Deals

Listed below are the best trade-in deals towards the Pixel Fold, if you own any of the listed iPhones, Samsung phones, or Google Pixel phones. The specified prices are for the minimum storage variant of each phone.

Trade-in DeviceTrade-in value
iPhone 14 Pro Max$900
iPhone 14 Pro$900
iPhone 14$350
iPhone 13 Pro Max$900
iPhone 13 Pro$850
iPhone 13$230
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4$900
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3$800
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2$725
Samsung Galaxy Fold$625
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra$750
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra$650
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4$700
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3$600
Pixel 7 Pro$380
Pixel 6 Pro$216
Pixel 7$295
Pixel 6$150

I wonder why Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is not included in this Pixel Fold trade-in. I imagine that owners would be able to get even better trade-in value for it than is available for the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Or get $700 off in credit bills on Google Fi

The Pixel Fold is sold unlocked and so can be used on any carrier, but if you choose Google Fi Wireless, you get $700 off the price in credit bills. Not a bad deal, if you don’t mind switching carrier.

To take advantage of any of these Google Pixel Fold trade-in deals, and discount offers, head over to the Google Store. Note that this is for US residents/orders.

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