6 Best Running Apps for Android and iPhone Users 

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Running (or going for a run) is very popular today, although other people prefer sports  indoors and choose apps to do yoga or apps to do pilates exercises at home . If you are one of those who cannot sit still, then read on to unleash the pack of apps that will give you a boost!

6 Best Running Apps for Android and iPhone Users 

1. Nike+ Running

It ranks among the most popular running apps. Mobile applications have been used by Nike, Adidas, and Asics to increase brand loyalty among consumers.

Whether it’s your first race or your desire to break a record, it aids you in achieving the various objectives you set for yourself. It is created for both amateurs and experts; you can customize it to your level and take pleasure in whatever it is. Do you wish to establish a new personal best? Is this the first time you’ve run? Everything you require is right here.

The app has a great feature that can help you track your performance with a detailed real-time auditory feedback.

2. Runtastic – Running and Fitness

One of the industry standard applications for running and sports in general has been and will remain Runtastic. We’ll explain why the application consistently receives 4.5 stars out of 5 in this section.

Runtastic has developed into an online fitness community where seasoned runners and newbies exchange advice, suggestions for routes, and thoughts on the sport.

You may figure out the altimetry, time of your race or route, pace, calories burned, and distance by using the GPS to measure your physical activity, among other things. Although it is totally free, purchasing the professional edition will provide you access to features like synchronization with your heart rate monitor band, motivational audios to listen to while you run, weather information, and leveled training routines.

You will have a real-life coach at your disposal who will provide you with the essential instructions in accordance with the strategy you have selected (run a marathon? Five kilos to lose? We will have access to interactive maps that track our progress in real time, all thanks to the mobile device’s GPS. Oh, and we’ll also have a map of history at our disposal so we can track our development.

If you publish your location, you can get encouragement from other Runtastic users, a group of runners both experienced and new to the sport who have built one of the biggest online sports communities.

3. RunKeeper – GPS Running

No way can 25 million users be wrong. One of our favorite running applications is called RunKeeper, and you can download it for free on both iOS and Android.

You can use RunKeeper to have a personal trainer with you at all times, whether you’re running, cycling, hiking, or doing anything else.

Running is the ideal complement to the best free weight management apps, so don’t forget to incorporate it into your daily or weekly workouts! The most prestigious app among athletes and runners will show you some graphs with results and evolution after you finish your workouts, with perfect details of your pace, kilometers traveled, hours, minutes, and seconds, and most importantly, calories burned.

4. Running for weight loss, lose weight in 8 weeks

Everyone who runs has goals they want to achieve. Some people exercise for fun, some do it to get in shape for the next marathon, and yet others exercise to reduce weight. Well, weight loss running emphasizes the latter. And it is responsible for creating efficient training schedules so you may quickly reach your desired weight.

You can select your own program before beginning it based on your objectives, experience level, and physical fitness. All of them rely on clever intervals that mix running and sprinting intervals to increase your fitness more quickly than with any other technique. And only three days a week are dedicated to training.

On the other hand, if our goal is to reduce weight, every plan must include a healthy diet. The program does this duty if you have no knowledge of nutrition or dietetics and require some basic dietary suggestions. It will advise you on what to eat at each meal and provide recipes that are delicious but only use healthy components.

5. Google Fit, exclusively for Android

Google enters this industry with an exclusive Android app and a very healthy-looking heart logo. Its major goals are for you to develop healthy lifestyle habits, start getting more active (while explaining how), and discover the motivation you require. Of course, there is also the issue of weight loss and dieting.

If you only have a half-hour before leaving for work, you can set targets depending on length, distance, or calories burned (those Christmas excesses). At the end of the day, tally up your steps and be happy of your accomplishments.

For the majority of running enthusiasts, Android Wear compatibility is a given.

6. Runmeter GPS Pedometer for iPhone (iOS exclusive)

 The Runmeter GPS Pedometer app, one of the highest rated in this category, can be found on the App Store. Before you ask, the answer is that it works with iPad, iCloud, and Apple Watch.

For those who are more demanding, we have the pro version, which has sophisticated features, while for novices, we have the lite version, a free iPhone running software.

It requires no registration and uses very little storage space (you can fit YEARS of training into a few songs). You can customize it to your preferences and view data, maps, graphs, and anything else you like.

It can be used for a variety of activities, including running, cycling, rollerblading, skiing, and much more, to record weather, steps, lengths, places, stops, and accelerations. We urge you to test it right now because it is so comprehensive that we would run out of room on our website if we tried to list them all.

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