Better Battery Life or Faster Internet?

As a very ardent user of mobile internet on my gadgets, I have always been faced with the dilemma of trading battery life for faster internet speeds or the other way round.

EDGE on my network is reasonably fast at my location, and so I default to that most times. The reality is that if I switch to the faster 3G service, my battery life will be instantaneously halved. I enjoy the speed that 3G offers, but switching to 3G on either of my two mobile phones will result in me looking for somewhere to charge before the day is over.

Even with the 2500 mAh battery that powers my Galaxy Note, browsing with 3G on will keep me online for about 4 hours after which I will begin to get the battery low notification. With the power situation that we have in the country, the only reasonable thing to do is to switch to 3G only when I really want to get something to load fast or in the case of a quick download.

As I compose this post, I’m still on EDGE so as to preserve my battery. If you use your mobile device to browse the internet, which do you use the more – EDGE or 3G?

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