Glo Nigeria advertises their “All-Purpose Data” pack as having no restrictions and urge you to use it as you want. Well, feel free to use

Beware: Glo’s All Purpose Data Pack is not what it sounds like

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Glo Nigeria advertises their “All-Purpose Data” pack as having no restrictions and urge you to use it as you want. Well, feel free to use it as you want – for email, downloads, videos or whatever. However, you will soon find out that there are restrictions.


The data pack is advertised without the mention of any data cap on the three available options. However, there are data limits. Trust us here at; we tried it out for ourselves.

Consider the 7-day pack costing N200. I dialled *127*56# to subscribe and got a notice that welcomed me to a plan called “Smallie” and which also stated that my data allocation was 50 MB.

Glo Smallie

There. No restrictions; right? Try watching video with that and see how long it lasts. The other packs get even smaller data allocation, of course.

Questions: Why does Glo market these plans without full disclosure about data cap? Why not market them with their proper names, e.g. Smallie? Why does Glo claim that the pack offers “no restrictions” when in reality they offer same restrictions as many other plans? Why does Glo’s marketing videos portray these All-Purpose Data packs as something you can use to watch endless videos? A colleague was with me at a Glo shop where we watched re-plays of those videos and we laughed. It was that visit to the shop that prompted me to try out the All-Purpose pack.

PS: I called Glo customer care line to ask questions about the All-Purpose pack, but the lady who attended to me insisted that there was nothing by that name. I told her that her company’s marketing videos, fliers and website have materials so labelled and promoted. It was a fruitless phone conversation. She insisted. I insisted. We went round and round. Finally, I gave up.


  1. I fell for this on March 11. “NO RESTRICTIONS…. Use it the way you want” is a misleading caption. I wonder the number of subscribers that has been victimised. NNC no dey see this one!

  2. About the calling customer care thingy: most times it seems the customer care reps don’t get updated with info from their networks. Call them about a promo or new services and they don’t know about it.
    Remember when I started using #mobiblaze and had an issue that warranted calling customer care, we so went round and round till I got tired and ended the call. Pathetic!

  3. I pity any customer care agent that picks your call Mr MO! Those guys knows next to nothing about the latest information about their own networks, what a pity

  4. It’s really pointless calling the Glo customer care agents. It’s part of the reason I initially left glo years back. To me, they are non-existent. At the end of the day, u end up frustrated and with a raised blood pressure. With regards to the data pack, I don’t think I’ll ever use any of their plans for as long as they have that phrase ‘fair usage policy’ attached to them.

  5. It’s not just the CCare agents that seem not to know latest offerings from their network. Have you tried the reps at their outlets? Same ol’ same!

    Imagine the one I interacted with at their Cele, Isolo outlet last week not knowing what plan uses the *200# code. I wasn’t even a subscriber to the network yet and I knew about it.

  6. … just marketing strategies to meet their targets without actually putting customer’s needs truly first

  7. Hmmm, simple English.

    No restrictions doesn’t mean unlimited data cap. No restrictions probably meant it can be used at any time of the day or something along those lines.

    It’s a matter of simple comprehension.

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