BlackBerry 10 versus Windows Phone

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A few days ago, someone posed the question to me: which platform would you pick between BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8? He was asking in terms of the features offered by the OS and available apps. How would a BlackBerry 10 versus Windows Phone slug fest go?

BlackBerry 10 versus Windows Phone

BlackBerry 10 versus Windows Phone

Both platforms work very well for me and I have been able to juggle between them without a loss in productivity. While Windows Phone has far more native apps than BlackBerry 10, BB 10.3 (which is currently officially available on the Passport) includes Android app compatibility and the Amazon app store for easy access to those Android apps. So far, the Android apps that I have installed on the Passport have worked well without issues, so this changes the dynamics. On the Windows OS side, all the apps that I need are available there as well.

Which Works Better For You?

Over to you, our readers: this battle is BlackBerry 10 versus Windows Phone OS. Which of the two would be your preferred platform?


  1. I’m going with the BBOS10 on this one…However that being said, Windows OS appears neater and way more fluid

  2. For three things I have refused to give up on Blackberry, Instant messaging, emails and cheap data. Apart from these I would have preferred window phone.

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