The popular BlackBerry Messenger has been updated to version You can download the update directly from the BlackBerry AppWorld on your device or download

BlackBerry Messenger bumped up to version

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The popular BlackBerry Messenger has been updated to version

You can download the update directly from the BlackBerry AppWorld on your device or download via PC.

  1. My brother Douglas I see you are a chip of the old block(no insult intended) you are still using I.E. 6 while I.E. 9 is available. A device that gets the job done very well should not be condemed b/c everybody is crazy about it.I got one based on it’s functionality and not b/c of the bandwagon effect.

  2. lol nice one bro, just for the records… the machine with the IE6 is my internet workstation which can’t see common yahoo due to company policy. I don’t think it has Adobe reader, its that bad. Back to the BB talk, No matter how good things are there will always be haters. I AM A CONFIRM BB HATER Ionly wish I was getting paid lol *wink*

  3. hey, no one needs a bsc to know that…
    The blog was posted and our reactions are expected. That was mine

  4. I definitely don’t need to rant about the BBM being the rave, but a BB is not in my line of mobile devices.
    I read an article at: and i’ve been wondering why i would be cut off from the ‘crowd’, yet i can’t dispute anyone that it ‘seriously’ works for (fiddling exclusive).

  5. Talk of Instant message, BB is the tool to have but I believe 50% of BB users have nothing in their mail except facebook and twitter notification. Okay… notification as well.
    Which can be downloaded to your 15k nokia and set to connect at 5minutes interval.
    Besides, how many Organisations in Nigeris allow staff to carry coperate mail on their mobile device?

    My young cousin’s reading time has droped and when he reads he does not focus, I asked what glued him to BB he said the ping. What is the ping, he said the chat and am like whats wrong with Live chat or yahoo chat or gtalk, everybody you know has an id and these services interconect which means you get a large crowd.

    He said yes but BB ping is different. I asked him to trade his curve for Nokia C7 and he yelled over his dead body, at that point I knew there was something about BB that I was missing.

    Was it peer pressure? mind you, the guy does not even check his mail

  6. I will sure tell my friends that use BB.

    My decision to buy a BB keeps going up&down. I think my BB has not been made or I just find it hard to fix it into my necessary gadget list.

  7. ‘You don’t have the right to hate or talk about any device if you’ve not used it.’ – Jesse

    that is my quote. I use to say ‘itufiakwah’ – ie, never ever to the BB, but I used it for two months. its a very great device, everyone should at least try using it, It is far from being the perfect device, but it has a lot of benefit. check the mobility Nigeria archive.

    it helps you save data cost too, if you are a heavy user of data. blackberry 9780, now run w/ OS6 meaning multiple tab for the native browser.

    If you don’t use much data, a simple nokia series 60 can do.

    when reason is more important that emotion. Most blackberry users are emotionally driven, #nuff said.

    Emotion is a very good tool to work with if you want to increase your bottom line in your business.

  8. Now, must we get into this again?
    BB is great but not because of the ping or chats. Its greqt because of the way it integrates copy and paste into neverything in the phone. That’s the only thing keeping me with the damn phone. I hate BB because of the rave. I hate it because of the bad outdated browser. I hate it because of lack of multimedia powers. And I hate it most of all because of the annoying, overefficient bbm. I hide my bb now cos every tom, dick, qnd harry has it without knowing how to use it to its maximum potentials.

    Now back to the new update on BBM, I honestly cannot.say I see any change from the previous version after upgrade.

  9. BB; and Jesse and Deoladoctor ranting off again. To be Candid, Douglas did a good take on it.

    Blackberrry is good quite alright, but it is NOT the ultimate device. PingChat, Whatsapp, Y messenger and a host of others gets us all connected somehow.

    Contemplating buying a phone for my wife recently, I decided to get her an Android. Why? I do not use BB. So if I must chat with her, whatsapp or Pingchat would do just fine. And both messenger apps are inter-platform linked. that is they have both ios, Symbain and Android versions.

    Now, to the meat of the matter. I read somewhere Online that RIM wants to make a watered-down version of their messenger for other platforms such as iOS and Android. However, the app would be a PAID app. If RIM goes through with this, then the BB “advantage” will be totally extinguished.

    By the way, Jesse and Deoladoctor; Enjoy you BB MEssenger 5.02 update!

  10. @biola29, Your link is a nice and graphic recount of the Blackberry craze. Quite melodramatic. but to the point!

  11. @EyeBeeKay

    “set my lachrymal ducts into over-drive!” ???
    If the ducts are on over-drive, I wonder what happens to the gland itself…

    When we finish ranting, can we go back to the real issue of the BBM upgrade and would anyone care to answer my question? Anyone noticed any change with the new update?

  12. Well the BBM cursor issues on OS6 is fixed with this update (though the last leaked OS did fix the issue, but for those who are not daring enough to load leaked OS, this update is good). Also it a bit more responsive…

  13. *yawns* call me when the bb rant is over and we wanna discourse nokia/symbian or android again….lol

  14. DeolaDoctor >> “set my lachrymal ducts into over-drive!” ???If the ducts are on over-drive, I wonder what happens to the gland itself…

    They go into HYPER-drive o

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