The Best Foldable Phones in 2024

The foldable phone market is getting some diversity, finally, after Samsung has held a near-monopoly in the market for a few years. More and more brands are now making them and it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest and the foldable phones in the market.

While there is now greater diversity in the market since the first one arrived in 2019, so far, all foldable phones released have fallen in two broad categories – the bigger, horizontal, tablet-style or book-style folds (after the Galaxy Z Fold style), and the vertical, compact flip form factor (after the Galaxy Z Flip style). It is safe to say that Samsung Mobile has defined the field for everyone else.

Who is making Foldable phones in 2023?

Let’s start with a look at all the tech companies making foldable phones in 2024.

Who is making foldable phones in 2024?

At the top of the list is Samsung, the big daddy of the foldable market. Samsung foldable phones are available globally, and if you are here in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, Samsung is a strong player in those markets and you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Fold or Flip.

Samsung’s latest are the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5. The Fold6 and Flip6 are being expected later in the year.

Motorola is another phone brand that has been a pioneer in the foldable phone space. The company is known for the Motorola Razr lineup built in the compact, flip-style form factor. Following after the Motorola Razr 2022 was the Motorola Razr+ released in 2023. A successor will be released sometime in 2024.

Motorola Razr+
Motorola Razr+

Huawei has had foldable phones in the markets they have a presence in. That excludes the United States, as there is a ban on Huawei products here. Huawei Pocket S (flip) and Huawei Mate Xs 2 (fold) were both released in 2022.

Xiaomi is one of the pioneers of foldable phone and has a couple in the market already. Its latest foldable is the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2.

Vivo has been making foldable phones for a few years now and have some in the market already. Its latest foldable is the Vivo X Fold+.

In 2022, OPPO released the Find N2 Flip in China and the brand has now made it available internationally. OPPO hardly sells any phones in the US, but UK and European residents will be able to get their hands on one easily. The company has also released the Find N3 and Find N3 Flip in October 2023.

oppo find n3 flip and find n3
OPPO Find N3 Flip (left) and Find N3 (right) were two of the latest foldable phones released in 2023.

TECNO, a phone maker that has a strong presence in Asia and Africa, has announced its first foldable device at MWC 2023 – the Phantom V Fold. It has the tablet-style form factor. It followed this up with the Pahntom V Flip this same year.

OnePlus, which has a small presence in the US, has affirmed that it will release its first foldable this year. It is likely that it will be a rebadged OPPO Find N2 Flip, though. The company later released the OnePlus Open in October 2023.

In May 2023, Google finally joined the fold when it announced Google Pixel Fold.

It is not certain that stragglers like Apple and Nokia will get a foldable device in the market this year. If you want one from them, you will have to wait and keep your fingers crossed.

For now, the foldable market is massively dominated by Samsung. In 2022, the company shipped 11 million out of the 14 million foldable devices shipped that year. That is a whopping 78% of the market.

The biggest companies in foldable phones

If you are wondering how the different brand stand in the foldables market, here is a breakdown.

  1. Samsung – shipped 11 million units in 2022
  2. Huawei – shipped 2 million units in 2022
  3. OPPO – shipped under 1 million units in 2022
  4. Vivo – shipped under 1 million units in 2022
  5. Xiaomi – shipped under 1 million units in 2022
  6. Honor – shipped under 1 million units in 2022
  7. Motorola – shipped 40,000 units in 2022

It is estimated that over 30 million foldable phones were sold in 2023. Finally, foldable devices are going mainstream and it promises to be an exciting year.

The Latest Foldable Phones in 2024

OPPO announced two foldable devices in December 2022 – the Find N2 Flip and the Find N2, but availability was restricted to China. On the 15th of February 2023, at a London event, the company released the Find N2 Flip for the global market, making it the first foldable phone of 2023 for many people.

OPPO Find N2 Flip is one of the latest foldable phones of 2023
OPPO Find N2 Flip

Unfortunately, there has been no word of a global availability for the bigger foldable, OPPO Find N2. It looks like that model may never make it to North America and Europe.

But in October 2023, OPPO announced and released the Find N3 and Find N3 Flip. Both phones are available internationally, though there has been bren no mention of U.S. availability. But while the Find N3 is not likely to ever be available in the United States, its twin brother will be. Say hello to the OnePlus Open.

OnePlus Open is an exact replica of the Find N3. As you may or may not know, both OPPO and OnePlus operate under one umbrella or parent company and this has been a strategy for a while. One device is sold with different names under the two brands and targeting different markets.

OPPO Find N3 (left) and OnePlus Open (right): Can you tell the difference?
OPPO Find N3 (left) and OnePlus Open (right): Can you tell the difference?

We are likely to see the OnePlus Open go on sale in the USA and other western markets.

Of course, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 have already been released globally and are available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and countries in the European Union. They were followed up with the Z Fold5 and Z Flip5 in 2023.

In May 2023, Google announced the Pixel Fold which starts shipping in June. It is the first foldable phone by Google.

Google Pixel Fold
Google Pixel Fold was released in May 2023

The Best Foldable Phones of 2024

Three devices occupy our list of the best foldable phones of 2024: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, OPPO Find N3, and OnePlus Open. And our top pick is not the Samsung.

In October 2023, OPPO announced two new foldables, the Find N3 and the Find N3 Flip. OPPO Find N3 is a book-style horizontal foldable with an outer 6.31-inch 2484x1116px AMOLED panel with a dynamic 10-120 Hz refresh rate when closed. The panel has a near-conventional 20:9 aspect ratio. When you open the Find N3, you get a larger 7.82-inch 2440x2268px display with a 1-120 Hz dynamic refresh rate. Both screens can hit a top brightness of 2,800 nits. That is super bright.

OPPO Find N3 is the best foldable phone of 2023.
OPPO Find N3 is one of the best foldable phones of 2023

OnePlus Open and OPPO Find N3 are the same device sold under a different name across the two brands and it is coming to the United States. So, everything we have to say for the Find N3 is true for the Open. And since the Open is available in western markets, it is the one that we are able to get our hands on more easily.

Phone reviewers and market analysts are almost unanimously agreed that OnePlus Open is the best foldable phone released in 2023 and the first real compelling competition to Samsung’s Fold series. You can enjoy our detailed comparison of Samsung Fold5 and OnePlus Open.

If we have to name the best foldable phone of 2024 so far, it goes to the OnePlus Open (and by extension OPPO Find N3). It has a better design and is lighter than the Z Fold5, has a better cover screen, has a more fluid hinge that closes fully flat, and has a bigger battery and much faster charging. Some way reviewers even say it has a better camera than the Galaxy Z Fold5, as well. At the least, everyone is agreed that it has one of the best cameras on a foldable till date.

If you can get your hand on the OnePlus Open, it is a fantastic piece of work, we heartily recommend it. The only sour taste in the mouth is how neither OnePlus nor OPPO measure up to Samsung’s fantastic Android software update performance. Bummer.

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