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2023 USA-Made Cell Phones

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Librem 5 USA
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The smartphone industry has been growing rapidly over the years, with millions of devices being produced and sold worldwide, and there is a growing interest in cell phones that are made in the USA.

We already know that there are not a lot of cell phones manufactured any more in the United States. The manufacturing of most gadgets on sale in the USA happen in China, India, Vietnam, and a few other locations, mostly in the Far East. As the year rolls to an end, it is time to look at which cell phones were made in the USA in 2023.

Are there any iPhones made in the USA in 2023?

The iPhone is the dominant smartphone in the United States. Were any manufactured in the USA this year? No; none were. All of Apple’s current iPhone models are manufactured in China and India. None are made in the USA.

What of Samsung? Are there any Samsung Galaxy phones that were made in the USA in 2023?

Samsung is a Korean brand, and the world’s largest Android brand, as well as the second largest cell phone brand in the USA. Were any Samsung phones manufactured in the United States this year? Again, the answer to that is, no. There are none.

What of Motorola? Are there any made in America Motorola phones in 2023?

Another well-known phone brand in the USA is Motorola. Motorola used to be an American mobile brand but is now owned by Lenovo, a Chinese technology company. Sorry, but no Motorola phones are made in the USA any more, and that has not changed this year.

2023 USA-Made Cell Phones

With Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Motorola Moto phones out of the way, you are probably wondering if there are any cell phones made in the USA at all this year. There is only one known at this time. The Librem 5 USA. If you frown against the tracking that goes on via modern smartphones (both Android and iOS), and you want a phone that protects your privacy to some extent, the Librem 5 USA is a privacy smartphone that offers data protection.

Librem 5 USA is a 2023 USA-made cell phone.
Librem 5 USA is a USA-made cell phone.

Librem says that all components of the phone are produced in the United States, and all coupling is done on US soil as well. This is the only cell phone that is manufactured in the USA in 2023. If you want an America-made phone, this is it.  

July 2023 Update: We have another phone join the list of phones made in the United States in 2023. The Liberty Phone is an upgraded version of the Librem 5. The improvements include more RAM, more built-in storage, and faster charging.

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