Chinese users can now offically uninstall bloatware from Samsung phones

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Samsung Galaxy Core Prime app drawer

A Consumer Rights protection committee in China recently sued Samsung (and Oppo) for not allowing users uninstall preloaded applications. It appears the case is making headway, because Samsung has agreed to make a patch available at point of purchase. This will enable you delete some of the preloaded apps to free up internal storage.

On the Samsung China website, they confirmed they would allow customers to uninstall unwanted applications on all of its smartphones from henceforth, this includes the latest Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. For now though, it appears this service will only be available in China.

In a statement to Korea Times, Samsung said :

Chinese consumers using Samsung’s Galaxy phones can now delete applications that were pre-installed because Samsung Electronics plans to provide software patches so things get done from next month.”

Do you think this is a good move? Would you like this to get to you? Share your thoughts.




    For those of us who aren’t fans of rooting, it’s the best way to get rid of apps you will never use that take up unnecessary space on your phone. Now THAT is the kind of “open” I’d like to see across the board on all Android devices.

  2. well… it’s jes for one Chinese dude/chick to upload the patch and voila it’s pimping around the world… and for Samsung tis about time*spits*

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