Does Your Company Need Temporary or Short-term Professionals?

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Finance recruitment agencies often specialize in one type of profession or industry. For example, the agency may cater to the entertainment industry, offering candidates for a wide variety of positions within that industry. The recruitment agency might also focus on providing one type of candidate, such as finance and accounting professionals, to a variety of different industries. Beacon Resources professionals fall into the second category. These candidates have backgrounds in accounting and finance and are carefully chosen to make a good match within the appropriate industry.

Qualified Short-term Candidates

One of the challenges that companies face is finding short-term or interim-to- hire professionals who are highly qualified. If your company has been faced with this situation, the assistance of finance recruitment agencies may be a significant benefit.

For a successful match, it’s important to understand the differences between interim, interim-to- hire and direct-hire candidates.

Interim Professionals

Generally, interim professionals are those who are willing to accept a position which has been held by a professional with tenure. While the company takes the time to find a new hire with exact qualifications, an interim professional may be chosen to hold that position.

Interim-to-Hire Candidates

In some situations, that temporary position may become permanent. Candidates who accept an interim position sometimes find that they are able to find a permanent position. This situation may arise if the company finds that the interim professional has the specific qualifications needed for the position.

Direct-Hire Positions

Direct-hire candidates from a recruitment agency are looking for positions with an expectation of permanency. These candidates would go directly onto the company payroll.

What Kind of Professionals Can Beacon Provide for Your Company?

Beacon Resources professionals may fall into any of these categories. These professionals have high-level accounting and financial qualifications and will be carefully matched to ensure a successful business relationship, whether that is long-term or temporary. Your search for the right candidate may find a successful end when you choose to work with the best finance recruiters.

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