I read something someone posted about considering dropping the TECNO Phantom 5 for Boom J8, and I was going to ask out loud, What the

TECNO-mania! Phantom 5 versus Boom J8

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I read something someone posted about considering dropping the TECNO Phantom 5 for Boom J8, and I was going to ask out loud, What the gadzooks is wrong with you?! But nah; you guys know I am too polite to do that. But to be honest, really? Just in case there is anyone seriously considering such a move, there is no competition between the Phantom 5 and the Boom J8. As a matter of fact, the Boom J8 feels like TECNO’s response to those fellas who were complaining that the Phantom 5 is too expensive. The Boom J8 is a baby phantom 5. Let me show you.

TECNO Phantom 5 for Boom J8

What’s Similar

They both have the same display size and similar dimensions.
They both have similar camera specs (megapixels).
They have similar battery capacity.
Their processors (same chips) are both clocked at 1.3 GHz.
They are both 4G LTE phones.

Are you still with me? Now, for the differences….

What’s Different

The Phantom 5 has an all metal body. Boom J8 is plastic with some metal trimming.
Phantom 5 has an octa-core processor. Boom J8: quad-core.
Phantom 5 has bigger internal memory.
Phantom 5 has more RAM.
Phantom 5 has a fingerprint sensor.
The Phantom 5’s loudspeakers are loads better than the J8’s.
The Phantom 5 takes better photographs (it isn’t always about the megapixel count).
Both are beautiful, capable devices, but the Phantom 5 is a lot more capable than the J8.

Get the picture now?

Oh! Hollup! Hollup! The Boom J8 costs about half the price of the Phantom 5. There. That should help you decide…. The Boom J8 is a cheaper alternative to the Phantom 5. There. We have cleared up any confusions out there about the two devices. You’re welcome.


  1. Seriously,the Boom J8 is a damn fine device and a whole lot of good value for the money and I won’t blame anybody falling for its charm,it’s that good am tempted..

  2. Mr mo please how does the audio quality compare to phantom 5, which one is better in terms of speaker sound quality and volume.

  3. Wow what a beautiful device . The boom j8 is cute and slim .I am in love with it . The specs are nice too

  4. Mr Mo, I am not reading this post!

    I have fallen in love with this device already and I am dropping my Phantom 5 for it!


  5. I couldn’t see myself swapping the C8 for a Phantom 5 (as much as I love it) much less J8.

    Let me just siddon and watch you people drool over the next Tecno phone and side eye the J8.

  6. I’m contemplating switching from iOS to Android.
    And also eyeing these two Phones. This is a great review.
    Thank you

  7. Shit ! The phantom 5 costs more than what it has to offer. This phone ain’t waterproof or dustproof. Also, its GPU is a Mali-T720, less powerful than Adreno 400 GPU series or other GPUs like the PowerVR Rogue G6500. Other than that, the screen doesn’t use AMOLED technology. The phone doesn’t support a very precise and responsive 10 points multitouch function. Now the price is 70000N for 32GB Rom and 3Gb Ram with high cost VIP loudspeakers+a fingerprint scanner. This phone should’ve been worth 170$ instead of a culminant +200$. 16 Gb rom and 2.5 Gb Ram are enough for smartphones of this class. This phone is bullshit ! I’ll wait 5 years and check if its price has diminished correctly.

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