He wished that the title of “the content marketing god” came with super powers – like Thor’s invulnerability or mystic hammer – but it would

The Content Marketing God: a Storyteller’s Tale

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He wished that the title of “the content marketing god” came with super powers – like Thor’s invulnerability or mystic hammer – but it would do.

I think you have a way with words!!! I like the way you coin your words.

Those were the words of a client to me. I have heard or read those lines and similar quite a number of times over the years. Content marketing is something I do well, and it involves words. As such, I have heard those lines a lot from clients I have worked for.

On the flip side, I have also heard it a lot from the ladies. Cough. Cough. But that is a subject for another day. No?

content marketing god

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing stimulates interest in a brand, product or service rather than directly promote it. A core aspect of the subject is the use of stories to influence customer behaviour. You could say that it is all about using storytelling as a marketing tool.

As you may well know, everyone loves a good story. Reflect on the movies grossing billions of dollars annually. Think of the rave TV series. Ponder on the reality shows that keep millions glued to their TVs daily. Think of the novels read annually. Documentaries. Comic books. They are all stories, in one form or the other. And great stories are addictive.

As a matter of fact, storytelling has been a part of every human culture since the beginning of time. It is an ubiquitous means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation and instilling moral values. And it is a powerful selling tool. What makes content marketing great is how, if done well, it is the most pleasant form of marketing to the audience. Why? Because everybody loves a good story.

Everybody Loves Great Stories
Earlier this year, I was resource person at a departmental retreat of Africa Re (African Reinsurance Corporation). It was a great time of sharing and interacting with the team about the future of technology and how they could forge ahead with it. After the classroom session, we went on an expedition to climb Olumo Rock! And all the while, we kept discussing the future of technology. It was interesting to get to know later that I was picked for the job because of my storytelling skills.

I narrated the above story to show you that even when professionals need to address serious matters, great storytelling is not just welcome but preferred.

Behold The Content Marketing God

Being good with words is great, and when you can combine that with a very colourful mind that spins words around and paints pictures like is the case with me, you are bound to produce striking results. Whether I am speaking or writing, painting vivid images in people’s minds is easy.

Yesterday’s comments from the client reminded me of another project that I pulled off some work with a group of digital marketing specialists and the project lead referred to me as “the content marketing god“. I sat down there and let the implications of such a profound endorsement of my work marinate.

I liked the ring of it. Having heard my clients testify again and again of my work as a wordsmith, this title of content marketing god captured it succinctly. So, I decided that I would keep it. I wish the title came with extra super powers though – like Thor’s superhuman power, endurance, and mystic hammer. Yes; that would really be swell. But this will do. This will do just fine.

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