Does Using A Power Bank Damage Your Cell Phone’s Battery?

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You may have heard some phone users complain that one power bank or the other damaged their phone and then concluded that power banks damage cell phone battery. Does using a power bank damage your smartphone battery?

I have been asked a direct question on this subject:

Mr Mo what’s your take on this? There is this belief in some quarters that power bank usage deteriorates battery life/performances faster than the conventional charging. How true is this? Is it scientifically proven?

The direct answer to the above question is this: there is no scientific backing to the idea that the use of a portable charger, AKA power bank, leads to faster deterioration in battery life of your smartphone or any kind of device for that matter.

Does using a power bank damage your mobile phone’s battery?

How power banks work

Power banks are designed to discharge power to your cell phone or other device at specific voltages and power ratings. These follow standard ratings that your device already uses. Using a power bank will not damage your mobile phone battery in any way.

However, as with every other electrical/electronic equipment, a substandard device is capable of causing damage. Substandard cables in homes result in fires. Substandard tyres will expose you to increased danger of vehicle accidents. Substandard cement blocks and concrete mixes will result in collapsed buildings and structures.

In the same way, a poor quality power bank can damage your cell phone battery and cause it to degrade faster than usual. A portable charger of questionable quality can potentially deliver a lower or higher voltage than your smartphone is designed to handle, and this can damage not only your phone’s battery but possibly other electrical circuits in it. 

A power bank that is properly designed and built to high quality standards poses no harm to your smartphone, music player, or tablet. Absolutely none.

Also, note that you need to use a power bank with a power rating that matches your phone’s. Using a power bank that discharges a higher voltage than what your phone is built to handle is a dangerous thing and can damage your phone battery.

Good quality power banks often have advanced systems built in to protect your smartphone or other device from overcharging, overheating, over-current and over-voltage. These more intelligent portable chargers are designed to recognise and protect your phone.

Does using a power bank damage your phone battery?

What will damage your phone battery are substandard power banks. So what should you do? Avoid buying ridiculously cheap, nameless and faceless portable chargers, especially if you own a good quality smartphone. Those items are usually of substandard quality and are more likely to damage your cell phone battery.

It is simple logic: if your smartphone is worth anything to you, you should be using good quality accessories with it, especially when it comes to power and battery charging accessories. Also note that using a damaged portable battery can result in problems for your phone. If you power bank begins to bulge, that is an indication that it has a swollen battery. Danger. Stop using that portable battery to avoid damage to your phone and your person. You don’t want a fire outbreak on your hands.

Lastly, when buying a power bank for use with your devices, be sure to check the power ratings to confirm that it discharges voltage and power that is specified for your phone. This is important.

If you see someone complain that a power bank damaged their phone, chances are that they charged said phone with an inferior quality or faulty power bank. Using a power bank in itself does not damage your cellphone battery in any way.

What other things may damage your cell phone battery?

As a bonus point, here are a few more things that can damage your phone battery. Using or charging your phone in extreme temperatures is bad for the battery. More adavanced phones will cut off the charging the process if the environment gets too hot or cold.

Also, note that if you have used a phone for over two years, chances are that you have exceeded the full charge cycles, after which the battery begins to deteriorate. At that point, you either replace the battery or buy a new phone.

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