Feeling nostalgic? Download the original Nokia tune for use as your phone ringtone

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There are a number of Nokia fans who would like to use the original Nokia tune as their phone ringtone. Apparently, nostalgia is a thing. Perhaps you are one of them. If so, smile; we have your fix.

Note that the idea isn’t so strange. Your group is not alone. After all, there are old BBM fans who are now using the popular BBM “ping” alert as their WhatsApp messaging notification. Yes, “pinging” on WhatsApp is a thing too.

Anyway, we have the original Nokia tune available for you to download if you’d like to use it on your phone.

Download The Original Nokia tune

1. Just hit the link at the bottom of this post to start the download process.

2. A Dropbox page with the file details will open. Click the download icon in the top right corner of the page.

3. You will be presented with two options: Direct Download and Save To My Dropbox.

4. Select “Direct Download”. Once the MP3 file is on your phone, either find it with your file manager to set it as your phone ringtone or do so in your phone Settings menu.

Have fun, people! The download link is below.

Download Nokia tune

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