Super Smart Drone Phones might be the future of smartphones

What is a drone phone? Think of a smartphone with drone capabilities built in. In other words, a smartphone that can hover in the air and follow you around automatically. It sounds cool and may one day be a real thing on retailer shelves. So, let us explore the possibilities around the idea of drone phones.

LG Uplus drone phones

Before we proceed, I am aware that there are miniature PhoneDrone devices – lightweight drones that snap around your current smartphone so you can use your phone as a flying camera. Those are not what this discussion is about.

The drone phones we are looking at here are futuristic smartphones with hovering abilities built in. Think of something from a science fiction movie. Your phone follows you as you move around the room or the house. It takes voice instructions from you and communicates with you as well via speech.

So with a drone phone, you can take selfies and shoot videos completely hands-free: the phone glides and hovers in the air around you within a pre-defined radius.

LG Drone Phones Video

LG is already working on drone phones, so expect to see one soon. In the meantime, you can enjoy a demonstration video of what to expect below.

The Future And matters Arising

As exciting as the concept of drone phones are, one can immediately think of issues that will arise. How do we manage crowded gatherings where lots of individuals present have a drone phone tagging around with them?

One of the nightmare scenarios is this: imagine a private or public event with lots of participants – a venue packed full of people – and their hovering drone phones. Recipe for confusion?

And what of battery life? Today’s smartphones are only becoming fairly power efficient. A flying smartphone will drain much more power than ever before. Perhaps new battery technology will show up early enough to make this worth putting in the market.

What do you think? Do drone phones have a future or are we just fooling around with our fantasies? Let’s talk.

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  1. It sounds good, but I doubt it if this will ever come to live, and this drone phone will surely consume lot of battery energy to make it fly in the air

  2. It better have more sense than just flying and hovering around me. Security, privacy invasion, power? These are some of the issues I’m already expecting

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