Recover a Forgotten Apple ID: A Step-by-Step Guide

With an Apple ID, you can manage all of your Apple services, such as Find My, iCloud, Apple Music subscriptions, and more. It’s pretty easy to quickly control all your devices and services as long as you have your Apple ID.


Nevertheless, everyone has surely experienced login problems at some point, such as forgetting passwords or, in rare instances, the Apple IDs themselves. If you forget your Apple ID, it may become difficult to access all your Apple services.

How to Find a Forgotten Apple ID

Luckily, it’s possible to find a forgotten Apple ID via different methods, depending on whether or not you’re still logged in. So, keep reading to find out the easiest ways to find a forgotten Apple ID. 

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How to Find a Forgotten Apple ID If You’re Still Logged In

If you forget your Apple ID, retrieving it is easy if your device(s) is still signed in. To do this, you need to open the Settings app and locate your Apple ID using iCloud services.

Once you have the Apple ID address, you can use it to reset the password through the iCloud web page.


Below, we go into further depth on how to find a forgotten Apple ID on various devices. 

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How to Find a Forgotten Apple ID on iPhones or iPads

The steps listed below can be used to find a forgotten Apple ID on an iPhone or iPad that you are currently logged into:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Settings application.
  • Your name should show on the screen’s top. To access your Apple account and services, click on this.
  • At the top of the page, under your name, is where you may see your Apple ID email address. You need to use this Apple ID email address to log in.
  • Go to the iCloud online interface and change your Apple ID password if you still don’t know it.

How to Find a Forgotten Apple ID on a Mac or Windows Device

If you are presently logged in on your Mac device, proceed with the instructions below to find your forgotten Apple ID:

  • On your Mac, select System Preferences by clicking the Apple logo.
  • Your name and photo should be at the top. This indicates that your Mac is logged in with your Apple ID.
  • To learn more, click Apple ID.
  • You’ll see your Apple ID email address displayed in the left pane next to your account photo.

Your Apple ID email address should be visible if you have a Windows device and are signed into either iTunes or iCloud for Windows by opening both applications and going to the Account area.

How to Find a Forgotten Apple ID If You’re Signed Out

Sadly, if you’re not signed into the iCloud service on any of your devices, things become a little more difficult. This is due to the fact that you cannot access the email address through the iCloud settings portal and you’ll have to use other means to find the forgotten Apple ID.


If you aren’t signed in on any devices, we’ve discussed some ways to find a forgotten Apple ID below.

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Check Apple’s iForgot Page

On Apple’s iForgot website, you could try searching to find a forgotten Apple ID. You’ll need to provide Apple with information like your first and surname names as well as your email address.

If the information is correct, you should get the choice of receiving an email with password-reset instructions or regaining access to your Apple ID by providing the answers to some security questions.

Check Your Previous Emails from Apple

Checking your email inbox for any potential emails from Apple in the past is another way you could find a forgotten Apple ID. It’s likely that the email address you used to sign up for your Apple account is the same email address you used to receive any such emails.

It’ll be easy to reset the password and sign in to your Apple account once you find your Apple ID email address. To prevent similar problems in the future, feel free to switch your Apple ID email address to your main email.

In summary, it’s best not to forget your Apple ID but if it ever happens, now you know how to find a forgotten Apple ID. Just ensure to follow the instructions closely.

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