Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Your Android Device

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One problem that is common on Android smartphones that of how files get scattered all over your phone as you download, save and edit them. This gets worse over time. For low-end Android devices, especially, with limited resources, the phone starts to lag. In some cases, you may start accumulating duplicate files. It eventually gets to a stage where you can’t keep track of them any more. This is where an app called “Duplicate Files Fixer” comes in. In simple terms, it helps you remove duplicate files from your Android smartphone.

Duplicate Files Fixer - Remove duplicate files

How It Works To Remove Duplicate Files

This app lets you search for duplicate files on your device, and lets you delete them after finding them. The app’s interface is easy to use. At first launch, a tutorial is there to guide you on how to use the app.  A menu on the right side shows all the app settings. (See screenshots below).

Duplicate-File-Fixer-Intro - Remove duplicate files Intro page

Simply press “Full Scan”, and the app will scan through your phone. After that, you pick the ones to delete and wipe them off. Easy pie.

Duplicate-File-Fixer-Working - Remove duplicate files

After using this app, you will definitely have no more issues with duplicate files on your device. Download Duplicate Files Fixer from Google Play Store HERE.

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