First report of faulty Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone

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Just a few days after the release of Samsung’s second foldable phone, we have the first report of a faulty Galaxy Z Flip. Being a new category of mobile device, this sort of reports are not totally unexpected. So, how did this happen?

Amir, an early adopter of the Galaxy Z Flip, tweeted that after receiving his device, he opened the box, took out the phone and flipped it open only to hear a crack and a fault line appeared in the fold area of the phone.

faulty Samsung galaxy Z flip

The good news is that the official Samsung Mobile UK handle reached out to him immediately and got him a replacement within 24 hours.

Here is Amir’s tweet:

As already mentioned, the Galaxy Z Flip’s foldable screen in a flip form factor is new technology and early issues are likely to crop up. This cracking does not seem to be a widespread issue at this time.

Are you getting the Galaxy Z Flip?

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