Super Cool: Meizu Zero is the first smartphone without holes or buttons

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So many smartphone companies have been launching smartphones with little or no edges, and also some with minimum holes, stopgap and physical buttons. Meizu has surpassed that by announcing the launch of a new smartphone from the company – it is the first smartphone without holes or buttons – and is named “Zero.”

The Meizu Zero has no charging port or headphone jack. It doesn’t even have a speaker grill. Neither does it have a SIM card slot nor the buttons you normally see on a phone. The only visible elements of its all-display, 7.8 mm thick ceramic body are its dual 20MP and 12MP primary camera and 20MP secondary camera.

A Smartphone Without Holes?

While it has no ports and grilles, the Meizu Zero still has 2 pinholes – one is for hard resets and the other is a microphone hole. So, is this claim baseless. Not exactly. Bezel-less phones do have tiny bezels. So, a smartphone with two pinholes must count as holeless.

Meizu Zero is the first smartphone without holes

Though, there are neither Buttons nor Ports in the Meizu Zero, but it does have edges. It also has 18-Watt Wireless Charging (this is the fastest wireless charging till date) and this is the first smartphone to have no charging port. The Meizu Zero is a natural progression for smartphones, as OEMs have been trying to get rid of Ports and Buttons for quite a long time.

First Smartphone Without Buttons

There are no physical buttons anywhere in the Meizu Zero. Home and back keys have been left out in almost every recent smartphones and have been replaced by software UIs, but this phone is unique in a way that it doesn’t even have volume keys or a power button. Touch capacitive panels with haptic feedback were used in place of the keys which were meant to be physical, this is actually similar to the HTC U12+.

Sound Without A Loudspeaker Cutout

Surprisingly, this phone doesn’t have a speaker cutout on it, as the company has installed a piezoelectric transducer beneath the display to transmit the sound. It is called mSound 2.0, this is almost the same as that visible on the Sharp Aquos Crystal and the Xiaomi Mi MIX.

Meizu Zero, a smartphone without holes and buttons
Meizu Zero is the first smartphone without holes and buttons

Due to the fact that this is a smartphone without holes – no ports and grilles – the traditional SIM card slot has been replaced by the latest eSIM technology, which is similar to that of the new Apple iPhones. Also, data transfer can only be done via Mobile Data or Wi-Fi.

This phone has a 5.99-inch QHD OLED screen, which also acts like some kind of massive speaker and a replacement for its lack of earpiece. Its edges are big enough to house a 20MP selfie camera, it has an on-screen fingerprint scanner and is IP68 certified against dust and water.

The manufacturers of the Meizu Zero made a statement about the phone’s retail launch in China being connected to the progress of the local carriers’ with the eSIM. This will most likely cause its availability to be limited.

The Meizu Zero will run on the Snapdragon 845 chipset instead of the Snapdragon 855. The colour variants available for this phone are Black and White. The battery capacity, price, and storage configurations of the phone have not yet been revealed by the company. But since be Mobile World Congress is close by, we will most likely find out soon.

A smartphone without holes and buttons really looks amazing. We know vivo is expected to make one soon, but Meizu already beat them to it. Last year was a great year for smartphones, which mostly feature pop-out cameras and notchless phones. Meizu might just have triggered a mad frenzy with its smartphone without holes and buttons. What do you think about this smart innovation? Let us know in the comments section below


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