The Skype Android app has been a constant pain to use. It was sluggish in every way and I tended to avoid it. Thankfully, after over a year of complaints, Microsoft says they have fixed the bloated Skype app.


  1. Lag is horrible.

    There is this keyboard application I love so much. Kii Keybaord 2. Like Swype it has been abandoned by the author.

    The keyboard is good but the problem rears its head when you are handing voluminous text, and the lag slows you to a crawl.

    No other solution except delete. A shame.

    Microsoft Corporation has always been known for writing inefficient code, right from the days of desktop. A visual Basic app to display ‘Hello” would be as big as another app on that same platform to do far far more. No optimizations.

    Yes, learning to write lean efficient code is something Microsoft Corporation needs to learn, but can an old dog really learn new tricks!? They have carried over their age long inefficiency from the desktop to the mobile world!

    Compare an app like WPS Office – on Android (an epitome of lean efficiency and competence) with the Microsoft offering, and the difference is as clear as day versus night!

  2. Good to know that Microsoft is responding to this, even though it takes them a year to do so. I just hope the coming of the new Skype light version will give the users the same experience they had in the past from the old version.

  3. I still do not get it. Why do Microsoft take time to fix anything and when they do it is becomes sluggish the more or have more ads attached to it.

  4. By Now mister Mo should have considered and re-install the Skype app.. Another try.

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