Geekbench lists TECNO AX8 with 6 GB RAM, but we’re not buying it

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A Geekbench listing has thrown up a yet-to-announced TECNO mobile phone with the codename TECNO AX8. Naija tech blogville is brimming with excitement over the discovery. However, here at MobilityArena, we are not excited about this revelation. Ask us why.

Like Infinix X603, like TECNO AX8

Do you remember the also leaked Infinix X603 with 6 GB that was hyped to no end supposing it to be the Infinix Note 4 (or Note 4 Pro)? Remember how it turned out to be a hoax after the Note 4 and Note 4 Pro were unveiled? Have you noticed how till date, there has been no Infinix smartphone with 6 GB of RAM? The X603 never existed and the Geekbench test was a hoax. Or perhaps the phone ended up a failed project and Infinix Mobility shelved it.


Here is a screenshot of the listing:
Tecno AX8 Geekbench - TECNO Phantom 8

It is also interesting that the AX8 is shown as having the same MediaTek MT6757CD (Helio P25) octa-core processor that the ghost X603 listing specified, but this time it is clocked at 2.6 GHz instead of 2.3 GHz. There are rumour that this is the Phantom 8.


Phantom 8 Or Another Trick?

We are not saying that Geekbench is not reliable. Geekbench is a favourite of ours here in the arena. We are saying that someone can play tricks with things of this sort.

Was the Infinix X603 a marketing ploy back then or a still yet-to-be announced device? Is the TECNO AX8 one too or will it morph into the TECNO Phantom 8? Whatever it is, we are believing this one only when the phone is officially announced.



Yes; once bitten, twice shy. Or put to put it differently, fool me once… Don’t blame us. Over to you now. Are you excited about this?


  1. Nice one Mr Mo. How many phones have Tecno made with 3 or 4gb ram not to talk of 6gb? If ever they are to do this their Phantom flagship phone should have been qualified for this. Well ‘I Siddon look’.

  2. not true… the score is too abysmal for a 3gb ram running 1.3ghz , talk less of 6gb ram on 2.6… so they are big fat liars or since this is part 2, bigger fatter liars..

  3. Although it is not certain we will see Infinix x603, however you should note that Infinix Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus were already launched before Infinix 603 appeared on benchmark. So there is no way it could have been Zero 4 or Zero 4 plus.

  4. Infinix x603 will be out very soon , you can call it infinix zero 5 , for the case of Tecno AX8 if you haven’t figure it out that most of last year Tecno model have been renamed with the addition of Letter X and slightly specification improvements .

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