Etisalat Nigeria now offers subscribers FREE 1MB data daily on the new EasyLife 3.0 plan. The new plan also lets you make calls to all

Get 30MB Free Data monthly with Etisalat's New Easylife 3.0

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EasyLife 3.0

Etisalat Nigeria now offers subscribers FREE 1MB data daily on the new EasyLife 3.0 plan. The new plan also lets you make calls to all networks in Nigeria, US, UK landlines, Canada, India and China at the rate of 20k per second. There is a N5 daily access fee for this service. In total, an easy life 3.0 subscriber will get 30 Mb free data in a month to browse from their mobile phones.

Here is the promo video for EasyLife 3.0:

Chief Commercial Officer at Etisalat Nigeria, Mr. Wael Ammar, said that the Easylife 3.0 is introduced to encourage increased mobile data usage by customers on the network’s “super-fast 3.75G HSPA+ broadband network.”

Etisalat have also dropped the access fee on Homezone 2.0 from N10 to N5 daily, and now also gives 1MB free data and calls at 20kobo per second to all networks and 5 international countries as well. The same free data and voice tariffs have been extended to Easycliq subscribers when they opt-in to Cliq for the day. In addition to these benefits, new subscribers to the Etisalat network will get 30% of all their recharges back after their first 30 days on the network when they register their SIMs.

Etisalat launched Easylife in 2010 reducing its tariffs to 25kobo per second for a daily opt-in fee of N20. The introduction of Easylife paved way for affordable GSM tariffs in Nigeria alongside its many other firsts.

EasyLife 3.0 in Summary

  • 20k to call anyone, anytime in US (mobile and land line), UK (land line), Canada, China & India
  • 20k to call anyone, anytime on any network anywhere in 9ja
  • 1 MB worth of FREE browsing daily
  • 30% on all recharges within 30days for new customers to call all networks
  • daily access charge: N5 only

To subscribe to Easylife 3.0, dial *420*1#.


  1. all this network providers are the same, i better stay on easy cliq where they give 15mb, what am i going to do with 1mb? Ok when the 1mb finish it ll fall back on pay as u browse,..
    Etisalat if u are reading me make easy cliq 20kb flat rate and don’t forget the access feeeee of a thing,….
    But shall it still better than mtn smooth talk,..

  2. 1MB daily is not much really, but for those who use feature phones and only browse lightly on their phones, the 1MB maybe all they need.

    I truly cannot risk browsing on my phone if all I have is 1MB and there is credit in my phone. I would rather go with one of the standard 30-day plan and enjoy a peace of mind.

  3. @Harry Echemco, you have a point there.

    but Etisalat has a history of allowing multiple data plans and rollovers.

    the last time, I had 15mb free data credit from N200 loaded. I then subscribed to a 30-day plan (N1,000 ). The 15mb was exhausted first before I was automatically switched to the 30_day plan.

    if one subscribes to any of the standard 30-day plan, I believe subscribing to EasyLife 3.0 will just add an additional 1mb / day, giving extra 28-31mb extra for the month (depending on the number of days in that particular month). That is of some use.

    all that would then be necessary is to set your data metering app (say, My Data Manager) to cut off data connection once you have exhausted, say, 95% your total cumulative monthly data.

    You would them have the freedom to leave credit on your phone without fear that it could be wiped out abruptly.

  4. In this situation, it is very useful. I didn’t consider this angle while making my comment, I only viewed it from the perspective of independent use of 1MB per day. I hope they will keep giving people on bundle plan this daily 1MB because I noticed that after I joined the smartA bundle plan, they stopped giving me the monthly recharge bonus on credits.

  5. 1MB per day even on a feature phone is not enough. Read news, check facebook, 2go (which is hot on s40 devices). No serious feature phone user will rely on this, you just have to buy a plan like 25MB per week. Consider this as a bonus.

  6. This is a very good deal for me. I’m currently on easy life 2.0 where I get charged N25 daily for the same offerings minus the 15mb weekly data. I have a BlackBerry smartphone so that takes care of all my mobile data needs, if the 1mb daily data is incremental, then even better.

  7. for me, I use Etisalat as my primary network provider for both voice and data, I simply subscribe to a data plan by texting either smarta,smartb,smartc,smartd or smarte to 8131 depending on the corresponding bundle I want. this mode of subscription enables me make calls to all networks at 20k/sec without any daily access fee.
    The down side is that when you need to opt out, you need to call etisalat customer care to have them manually do it because *229*0# does not work with this.

  8. This is real crap. You shell out N5 daily as access fee and all you get is a mere 1Mb per day plus some funny reduction in call cost. Etisalat should go back and do a retake.

    Sorry, I pass.

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