Get paid to blog on Mobility Arena: Join the BIG league

Do you love keeping up with the latest innovations and developments in the world of smartphones, mobile accessories, and automobile? Do you have a very good command of written English? Blogging on Mobility Arena is a great way to earn an income.

Write and get paid for content about things you already love. All you have to do is write breaking news or unique, how-to articles that help users of mobile phones, smartphones, accessories, and all connected devices.

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But first, let us examine why it is a great idea to blog on MobilityArena

Why should you blog on MobilityArena?

1. Bypass the expenses of setting up a new tech blog.

If you do not have a tech blog yet, the process of setting up a new one is easy. But the expenses of keeping it going is the tough part that nobody is telling you about. You want to avoid that. A new tech blog is set up every day and many of them are shut down within a year. Most of the remaining are gone in 2 years.

2. Start earning income right away from what you already love doing.

New blogs take time to start generating any significant amount of traffic and income. You blog for months and get nothing in return. For most, you need two to three years to generate any amount of traffic that will fetch you a fair income. Most blogs that have been in existence for years do not generate any income for their owners.

Why wait months or years to get paid? By blogging on Mobility Arena, you can start earning right from your very first article.

3. Become a high profile tech blogger immediately.

By blogging on a platform like Mobility Arena that already has clout and momentum, you become a high profile blogger immediately. It is age old wisdom to ride on the back of others who have gone before.

4. Build momentum for your tech blog

Even if you already have your own tech blog, a great way to build momentum for it is by blogging on Mobility Arena. Add a link to your blog in your MobilityArena profile and enjoy the benefits.

How Does It Work?

We pay ₦2.00 per word for published articles.

News articles have to be between 200 and 250 words in length, while help and feature articles have to be 600 to 1200 words in length. You get paid at the end of every week for the total number of your posts that get published.

Note that we have strict editorial guidelines for articles submitted to MobilityArena. The guidelines are stated below. Not following them will result in your submitted article being rejected.

write for us and get paid for news content
Get paid to blog on Mobility Arena

Writing Guidelines

Here are the guidelines for submitting articles on Mobility Arena.

  1. New articles that cover breaking news and hot new mobile devices sit at the top of priority ladder and will increase your chances of your article being published. News article length is of up to 250 words.
  2. Original useful and helpful content for mobile users and non-technical mobile industry insights are next on our scale of priorities, so submitting useful, helpful topics and subjects that have not been covered everywhere else.
  3. No copy-and-paste. We pay writers, not photocopiers and plagiarists. Each item submitted to MobilityArena must be written by you.
  4. All blog posts must be in good English, be easy to understand, and free of any errors in grammar or spelling. Please proof-read before submitting.
  5. Every blog post must be unique to MobilityArena i.e. it has not been published elsewhere before and cannot be published elsewhere by the writer.
  6. Each submitted post must focus on providing useful information and tips to solving a problem that mobile users face.
  7. Promotional articles i.e. posts that promote a brand, product, or service are not accepted here. Brands and agencies are welcome to sponsor posts, however, and can contact our business desk via email to: business AT
  8. Use the search box on the site to confirm whether the article topic you want to write on has been published by someone else.
  9. If you have sources, use excerpts from your sources and provide a link back to them at the end of your article. We will not publish articles that are lifted from other sites.
  10. Each article must have at least 3 images embedded. All photographs and illustrative images used in articles are to have a width of 600 pixels and height of 350 pixels. This is important. Also, do obey all copyright laws: do not use copyrighted materials without the express permission of the owners.
  11. While still writing and editing a post, you can continually use the Save button to save your draft. When done editing, use the drop-down menu to save your article as Pending Review so an Editor can review it for publishing.
  12. You may submit as many posts per day as you wish. Do note that payment is made only for your posts that get published after review, not for the number of posts you submit. MobilityArena values quality over quantity.
  13. All submitted posts are reviewed by an Editor and may be modified for clarity or rejected entirely. Modification may result in the published post being shorter than the original work. Payment is made based on the length of the published post.
  14. Submitted posts that do not meet our requirements will be rejected and deleted off the system without notice.
  15. If many of your posts keep getting rejected, don’t despair. Invest time in improving your yourself, especially your blogging skills, and come back to submit again. We really want to see you blow here.


This programme is open only to persons with a Nigerian Naira bank account. You must be well versed about cell phones and smartphones, mobile operators, mobile apps and related subjects. Lastly, your written English has to be very good.

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How To Start and Get Paid For Helpful/Informative Articles

To start, carry out the following steps:

  1. Register on the site and login using the navigation menu at the top of the site.
  2. Email to submit your MobilityArena username, full name, phone number, and bank account details, so you can get paid as due. Email subject should be, “Blogging On MobilityArena“.
  3. To submit an article, click HERE.