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The Comprehensive giffgaff Network Phone Service Reviews

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giffgaff Network Phone Service Reviews: The good and the ugly
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giffgaff is a telecommunications service provider In the United Kingdom that uses O2 as its carrier. giffgaff is known for its 30-day sim-only plans called goody bags and their low PAY-G rates. giffgaff doesn’t have a customer service call centre but you can get your questions answered in the giffgaff community. How good is giffgaff’s phone service? Here’s our round-up of different reviews that will help you decide for yourself.

giffgaff Network Phone Service Reviews: The good and the ugly

giffgaff Network Phone Service Reviews On Trustpilot

Trustpilot was the first site I visited and the site had an overall star review rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars. There were a decent amount of good reviews and more than 70% of the reviews were good. A lot of the reviews were about giffgaff’s affordability and how they offer good value for money.

Customers spoke about their love for the company’s goody bag offer and their good deals for new and refurbished phones. Some customers expressed their happiness with giffgaff’s good coverage and signal. Those customers mentioned that there is always a signal and giffgaff works well abroad. Here are a few of the good reviews:

•I’ve been with giffgaff for years and it’s the best thing I did!! I buy my reconditioned phones from them at a fraction of the usual price. My monthly payment is such good value for money and they always keep me informed of how I am doing with my account. Amazing service!! Highly recommended.

•For me, giffgaff is so good because they just do their job very well in the background. I think it’s maybe 5 or 6 years since I’ve been with them. I’m always notified about the bills and I’ve never had a single problem with them. I’m not bombarded with spam telling me how my life would be so much better if only I purchase such & such. Nope, they just do the job I agreed to. Thank you, I appreciate it.

•Have been with giff gaff for quite a few years now along with my daughter as well. Absolutely brilliant😊cheapest payg around excellent value for money and they sell refurbished or new phones if you’re looking for a new deal check giff gaff out.

•My experience with giffgaff has been amazing. It’s great value for money & it lets you pick when you top up on what is best for yourself. When you pick your goodybag at very cheap cost & what you yourself do to make use of your mobile phone, the service of giffgaff is the best ever mobile network that I have used. Internet, free calls, what more could you ask for. So folks don’t delay & purchase a giffgaff sim & goodybag top up & you won’t be disappointed.

Now, on to the bad reviews, a good amount of the bad reviews spoke about poor signal strength and data coverage. Some customers mentioned they had issues with activating and linking their SIM cards. A customer also complained about delivery issues because he never received his phone from giffgaff. There were also a few customers who wrote about how rude some customer service agents were to them. Here are some of the bad reviews:

•It used to be No1 for me, but now they are bottom of the league, poor excuse of a company,have to wait days to get an answer from these people, will just rob you dry, so much effort to top up on this site now, and very good at trying to make themselves look the best and cheap when they are the most expensive over other companies now, would avoid this company R.I.P Giff Gaff.

•I’ve been with GiffGaff for years as has my wife and I’ve been happy with the service to date. I set my brother up with a goody bag as a present. He died recently and I’ve tried to cancel this with GiffGaff. I first mailed the bereavement team on 19/9. I had a reply on 1/10 and nothing since then so I’ve no idea what’s going on. I can’t get a response from anywhere in the organisation. GiffGaff has carried on charging me. My conclusion is that if things are straightforward it goes swimmingly but if not there is a wall you can’t get behind.

•I have almost no internet in BB1 2QJ, in Shadsworth where I work. Almost all giffgaff and o2 users I know have no or little internet in that area, it lasts for the last few months, that is the only problem, otherwise giffgaff is brilliant. thanks.Michal.

•Used to be very reliable but in the last few months I keep losing signal and the 4G will have an exclamation mark by it. Need a more reliable network so I am moving to another service but used to love Giffgaff.


giffgaff Network Phone Service Reviews On Trustpilot

giffgaff Network Phone Service Reviews On Reviews.io Site

The Review.io site had an overall star review rating of 1.9 stars out of 5 stars. There were very few good reviews ,although, they were reviews from 2 years ago but here are a few of the good reviews I found:

•Great service, very cheap compared to other mobile network providers. No contract means there’s no catch, you can leave or change your plan whenever you want. Overall a very satisfied customer. My whole family now uses giffgaff because they reward you by giving you free calls and texts to other giffgaff users, for 3 months after your monthly contract has run out! Very happy overall and highly recommended.

•Used giffgaff for travelling in the UK, France and Spain. Ordered SIM card before the trip which arrived quickly at my home in Canada. Activated card before we flew to Gatwick and phone was active when we landed. Worked great for the entire trip. Bought a 20£ goody bag which gave me 40GB Data. Ran maps almost constantly and tethered two phones and iPad. Didn’t even use 10GB over the 23 day trip. Will definitely use Giffgaff again!

•The best mobile network in the uk it’s run by the customers and best value for money as well for bundles from £5 to £25 for unlimited everything and you get pad if you get your friends to join them no big network dose this or gives you everything unlimited for £25 join this network Straightaway.

There were a lot of complaints about poor phone signal and coverage. There were also more complaints about buying and recycling phones. A lot of customers mentioned how they tried to recycle their phones to giffgaff and according to them, giffgaff tried to rip them off and reduce the prices for their ‘pristine condition’ phones and when they complained to the customer service agents, no solution was rendered. Some customers also seemed to have issues with linking or activating SIM cards. Here are some of the bad reviews: 

•Terrible. Awful. Zero Support. I was so impressed with giffgaff’s SIM card ordering process and the fact that they mailed me a SIM card from the UK free of charge. Setup and activation were easy and I was very impressed with the user interface and experience.

The huge fail happened when I landed in the UK where I’d be using the SIM card. I had my iPhone 13 set up correctly, and giffgaff showed as my carrier in the upper left corner of my iPhone, however the service didn’t work — at all. I cycled my phone off and on to no avail. I used giffgaff’s chat function with their agents and to say they were not helpful would be an understatement.

After the fourth message they stopped responding at all. This left me for a week in the UK unable to use my iPhone unless I was connected to WiFi. I am most disappointed that I wasted £15 for a plan that went unused.

•No customer service. Over complicated « Goodybag » system. Too many SIM cards issued, and no real info on how to activate them. I have £30 in credit, and cannot access any data through no fault of my own. Very cheap, but you can use the service! Complete shambles. Avoid.

•Poor customer service. Bought a refurbished phone and broke it after a month. Returned and unable to fix so was told a replacement would be sent. Week later still no phone. Have been messaging but I am being ignored- avoid avoid avoid . Worst ever


giffgaff Network Phone Service Reviews On Reviews.io Site

giffgaff Network Phone Service: Last Words

After reading through the numerous reviews, I would say I have mixed feelings about giffgaff so I’ll leave it to you guys to decide if you want to use giffgaff’s services. After all, no company is perfect and it seems like giffgaff has a lot of improvements to make.

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