Going digital : Norway plans to shut down FM Radio by 2017

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Norway will probably be the first nation to do away with the FM Radio. Their Minister of Culture Thorhild Widvey made the following statements:

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“Radio digitization will open the door to a far greater range of radio channels, benefiting listeners across the country. Listeners will have access to more diverse and pluralistic radio content, and enjoy better sound quality and new functionality. Digitisation will also greatly improve the emergency preparedness system, facilitate increased competition and offer new opportunities for innovation and development,”

“Whereas the FM system only had space for five national channels, DAB already offers 22, and there is capacity for almost 20 more. In addition, more than half the population already has access to local radio on DAB, and there is considerable potential for further local channels,” she added.

It’s obvious they’ve realized the benefits of going digital. Hopefully, Nigeria can learn from this and implement their proposed transition to digital broadcasting.




  1. The world is moving…….How long will it take us to blend?Remember the case of mobile phone.Can somebody whisper this to NCC and the rest concerned.

  2. With the removal of FM that means most people will have to rely on the internet in one form or another for radio. Nigeria and most of the world is far off from this happening. For FM radio to be shut off, the alternative has to be in place by then, and I can’t see, with the current prices we pay for data, how this would even be remotely feasible to switch off FM radio in the near future as it would disenfranchise the majority of Nigerians.

    As for shutting off analogue TV, Kenya is currently in the process of doing this. If you want to know more what it involves, visit digitalkenya.go.ke

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