Google Chrome Released for Android. Hands On Pictures

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Google yesterday announced their popular browser Chrome available to download for Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest iteration of the famous Android operating system and it currently runs on about 0.6% of all devices running Android.

The Chrome browser by Google features a minimalistic interface that is easy to use, has awesome syncing capabilities and most of all, is very fast.

Porting of the Chrome browser to Android has been a move that has been long expected but has been delayed because, according to Google, they wanted it to be released at it’s best possible state.

Some examples of features of the browser are hardware acceleration, pre-loading of pages and Desktop Sync.

Below are screenshots of the browser running on my Android device, a Samsung Galaxy S running Ice Cream Sandwich, Enjoy!

Screenshot 2012 02 07 20 27 31

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  1. Really, i do not see enough reason why i should long for the Google Chrome. The stock browser on Honeycomb 3.x is not much different. At first glance, you would even be tempted to call it “Chrome”

  2. It may not be much different but the difference between the stock browser on Honeycomb and Chrome is that you get several new features and seamless syncing capabilities with future promise of supporting extensions.

  3. most people that have tried it out rated it better than the stock browser on the honeycomb. I really wish I can have it on my sgs2. but waiting for the official launch of ICS.

    @Emmanuel, was it stock firmware or a custom rom of ICS that you are running on your galaxy s? how stable is it and what and what are not working presently?

  4. @Belushi – I run a custom from based on Android 4.0.3 ported by the Onecosmic team over at Xda developers. The only issue with the Rom is slow data transfer over usb which will fixed with the next release but apart from that every other thing works, even hardware acceleration too.

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