Real Tone filters are an exciting addition to Google Photos, because black is beautiful

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Google has announced a new set of filters, called Real Tone, for its Google Photos app. The announcement stated that the new filters were designed to “work well across skin tones”.

What do the new Real Tone filters in Google Photos do? Apparently, they are designed to fix the situation in which the app is problematic with processing darker skin tones. So, if you have had issues with the results of other filters on darker skins, this update is dedicated to you. Hopefully, you will get better results now.

Google Photos new Real Tone filters

The new filters are rolling out already to all versions of the app – Android, iOS, and Web. If they are not on your device yet, give it some time; they will show up. You could also check in your Smartphone’s app store to see if an upgrade is available for the Photos app and run it if you find one.

We have tried out the new filters briefly. When you apply any of them to a photo when using the app, it displays “Made with Real Tone” momentarily. The results we got have been good. Give the Real Tone filters a spin as soon as they are available on your device and see if they indeed produce better results for darker skins.

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