How To Mirror The NRL Mobile App To TV: An Easy Workaround

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Is there a way to mirror the NRL mobile app to TV? “Hi there, I have downloaded an app called NRL TV. It is a sports network to watch on my Galaxy 8 Plus. My issue is that the app does not support Chromecast or screen sharing due to the app’s contract with Fox Sports and the NRL. Is there a way to screen share my phone with a TV’s but the app cannot detect that I’m sharing?” 

That was the question submitted by a MobilityArena reader.  The NRL official app’s information clearly states that mirroring, casting and any form of external video output of live streamed content is not permitted and is not provided as part of any NRL Live Pass, so it is clear that this is a deliberate policy, not a bug to be fixed.

How to mirror the NRL mobile app to TV
Is there a way to mirror the NRL mobile app to TV?

The app gives subscribers access to watching Australia’s National Rugby League Telstra Premiership on their smartphones and over a million fans of rugby have downloaded it from Google Play Store till date.

A reported workaround to mirror the NRL mobile app to TV

A few users of the app have reported successfully using a workaround to share the app to a TV screen. Note that there is no guarantee that this will continue to work, or that it even works for everyone. As a matter of fact, many users report that it doesn’t work for them.

As mentioned already, the NRL mobile app itself won’t work via Chrome Cast, so that is no good. The workaround to mirror the NRL mobile app to TV takes advantage of screen sharing feature on modern smartphones. How it works is that you activate screen sharing from your smartphone’s Desktop/Home, so it starts displaying on your TV screen, then open the NRL app and start streaming the match you want to watch.

Note: the idea is not to start screen sharing after you have launched the app, but before. That’s the hack. If it works, the match will start displaying on your TV screen. If it doesn’t work, well, there isn’t anything else to be done for now.

Even if it works, the app developers can find a way to block it at any time. That’s the official deal you signed up for – no casting or sharing. Perhaps in the future, fans will get to enjoy a deal that includes the ability to mirror the NRL mobile app to TV for an additional fee.

Download The NRL Official App

NRL official app on Apple Watch

You can download the NRL official app for Android phones from HERE.

The app is available for iPhone and iPad from Apple Store HERE, and is also available fror Apple Watch.

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