How the NIFTYX bracelet acts as a power bank and USB cable

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Are you always forgetting to carry your USB cable? Have you ever had the desperate need to charge your device on emergency? This startup may have just come up with a befitting solution. NIFTYX is a wearable charging cable with a power bank. It is a leather bracelet, that serves as a USB cable and a mini-power bank.

There are two variants of this bracelet:

  • The LifeSaving Bracelet (NLB) : This one a combination of a power bank and USB cable.
  • Awesome Bracelet (NAB): This one is just the USB cable bracelet.
NIFTYX bracelet
The NIFTYX bracelet

Crafted with leather, these bracelets don’t look at all, like a geeky device. It is currently available in three colors: Burgundy Red, Chestnut Tan, and Twilight Black. You may ask, “What is the power bank battery rating?” Well, it is just 210 mAh. Small really, but enough to give you upto 5% charge in emergencies. Below is a demo video you should check out:

In addition, the bracelet currently supports: microUSB and Lightning ports. Type-C compatibility might appear the future. What do you think of these bracelets? Is the power bank feature is useless? You can buy the bracelet starting from $14. More information can be found on their Indiegogo page.


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