How to Access the App Library Faster on iPhone

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Since it contains all of the shortcuts and bookmarks you’ve added to your home screen, you’ll agree that the App Library is a great resource for browsing all of the apps on your iPhone. However, it still typically takes a lot of swiping to open the App Library, especially if you have a lot of visible pages on your home screen. 

Fortunately, there is a shortcut to getting to your App Library quicker on your iPhone device. In this guide, we’ll show you tricks that will help you reach your home screen faster. Some methods work better than others, so just read through this guide and choose what works best for you.

How to Access the App Library Faster on iPhone

How Can I Access the App Library Faster on My iPhone?

On your iPhone, there are just four ways to access the App Library more quickly; we’ve described them here. Given that alternatives 1 and 2 need you to change the layout of your home screen, options 3 and 4 might be the best solution.

Method 1: Limit the Number of Home Screen Page

If you don’t mind altering your home screen’s layout, you can reduce the number of pages on your home screen, thus making it quicker to swipe to the App Library. If you prefer to have all of your apps on home screen pages, this may not be the best option. However, if there are only two active home screen pages, opening the App Library will only require two quick left swipes across the screen.

Method 2: Hide Some Home Screen Pages

This option produces the same result as the option above, essentially hiding home screen pages till you actually require them. If you frequently use the apps contained on your hidden home screen pages, this is also not ideal. However, if you prefer the App Library, you may make it accessible with a left swipe via this method and then reveal home screen pages as necessary or desired.

Method 3: Employ a Two-Swipe Gesture

Simply tap and drag the Search button (located above your dock) to the right, holding it there until you reach the last page of the home screen on iOS 16.0 (and later devices).  Release your hold, and then swipe left to access the App Library.

On iOS 16.0 and later devices, or if you haven’t upgraded to an iOS 16 firmware already, you should see dots above the dock in place of the Search button, representing all of your home screen pages. To open the App Library on the last page of the home screen, swipe left after touching and dragging the highlighted dot to the right until it stops moving. In comparison to swiping the Search button, doing this is actually a lot quicker.

Method 4: Use Voice Control to Access the App Library

The Voice Control accessibility feature can unlock the App Library for you even if Siri can’t. So, if you don’t want to swipe, this method is pretty useful, even though it may not be as quick as the swiping alternatives above.

To activate and deactivate Voice Control, you have a variety of alternatives:

  • Toggle Voice Control on or off by going to Settings -> Accessibility -> Voice Control. But you should note that this is just more swiping.
  • Add it to your accessibility shortcut so that you may access it with a triple-click of the Home or Side button (Settings -> Accessibility -> Accessibility Shortcut). Select Voice Control from the drop-down menu if the shortcut has more than one option allocated to it.
  • The Back Tap gesture can be used here, so simply assign it; go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Back Tap. Then, touch the Apple logo located on the back of your iPhone twice or thrice.
  • Use the Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> AssistiveTouch menu to assign it to an AssistiveTouch gesture. Long-press, double-tap, or triple-tap the AssistiveTouch symbol on your screen after turning on the function.
  • You could also ask Siri. The fastest choice is definitely this one. Use words and phrases like “Start/stop Voice Control,” “Turn Voice Control on/off,” and “Turn Voice Control on/off,” to name a few.
  • Voice Control cannot turn on itself, so when it is enabled, it is actually quicker to command it to switch off by uttering “Turn Voice Control off” or “Turn off Voice Control.”

You can use Voice Control to launch the App Library now that you understand how to activate and disable it. Speak one of the commands below after turning it on.

  • “Open App Library”
  • “Open the App Library”
  • “Show App Library”
  • “Show the App Library”

If it still doesn’t function, navigate to Settings -> Accessibility -> Voice Control -> Customize Commands -> Basic Navigation -> Open App Library. Once you get there, turn on the “Enabled” option.

In summary, these alternatives will help you reduce the amount of swiping gestures you make when trying to access the App Library on your iPhone device. Just follow the easy instructions we’ve provided here and you’ll be good to go.

Now, we’re sure you’ve benefited immensely from this guide, so we encourage you to recommend it to other iPhone users you know.

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