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How to Easily Check Your Phone’s Specifications: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are several reasons you could possibly need information about your smartphone. Whatever the reason, just keep in mind that this is not a hard task to accomplish in any way. Phone specifications give us detailed information about what is in the phone and what features it has.


Now, even though finding out a phone’s specifications is fairly easy like we said, not everyone knows how best to do it. That’s why we’ve created this quick guide, to teach you the different ways by which you can find out the specifications for your device. So, follow us through this guide to find out.

How to Check Phone Specifications

Why should I check a phone’s specifications?

The components that make up a smartphone are essentially its specifications. Knowing the components of our smartphones (or any phone, for that matter) helps us understand and make predictions about a variety of things, such as how fast the phone will be, how big a display to expect, how much storage the phone will offer its users, how long the phone’s battery will last, whether or not the phone will support multitasking, and whether the phone’s camera(s) will be sufficient for selfies on Instagram, Snapchat, and similar platforms.


Moreso, there are so many smartphones on the market right now that it is now more difficult than ever to select the one that best matches the demands of the typical smartphone user. This is where phone specifications come into play: they facilitate efficient device reviews and comparisons while also assisting users in making well-informed purchasing decisions.

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Consequently, it’s important to get your hands on smartphone characteristics whether you’re planning to get your first smartphone or you’re looking for the best upgrade. 

How to find out a phone’s specifications

Even though your device would most likely only provide you with the most basic information, checking it is still a useful approach for learning what materials your smartphone is made from, and what degree of performance to expect from it.


Your device side, there are different methods you can employ to successfully discover your smartphone’s specifications. We’ve described the best ones below.

Check the phone specifications of Android devices

On Android-powered smartphones, entering the “Settings” menu and selecting “System” will provide you with information about the setup of the phone’s display, CPU, RAM, ROM, rear and front cameras, and battery.

You may also be able to find more details about your phone, like its name, the version of its operating system, build number, serial number, legal information, and Android security patch level, among others. Just make sure to select “About Phone” from the System menu.


Check the phone specifications of Apple devices

Similar to Android phones, the fundamental specifications list for iOS phones and tablets gives just basic information regarding storage capabilities, iOS version, phone type, and other factors. Open the “Settings” menu on your iPhone or iPad, select “General,” then “About,” and you’ll be able to access this information easily.

Check the Manufacturer’s Website for a phone’s specifications

The complete specifications of every smartphone will typically be listed on the official websites of every OEM (original equipment manufacturer). All you have to do is enter the model name of your smartphone in the search bar on the manufacturer’s website. 

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This method provides even more in-depth information about any device of choice, including phone dimensions, weight, battery type, SIM types, display technology, network bands support, supported audio and video formats, available sensors, and much more, as opposed to checking your phone’s specs in the settings menu. You’ll also benefit from real-time tips on such websites that you might find useful.


For instance, visiting Samsung’s official website and using the search field to type “Note 8” will typically display all of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s specifications.

Check Phone Specifications on Third-Party Websites

We’re sure you’ll agree that there is no better resource than the internet to learn about your smartphone and its specifications. You’ll be able to access all the information you require about your smartphone on a single webpage with the push of a button. There are several popular platforms that serve as the top suppliers of technical details for practically every smartphone sold worldwide.

Your phone’s name will appear in the search field of such third-party websites along with the device’s specifications. On some of these third-party websites, you may also be able to compare the specifications of two or more smartphones side by side. You can search out phone specifications here on MobilityArena. Simply type the phone’s name in the search field at the top of any page.

Use Third-Party Applications to find phone specifications

There are third-party programs and benchmarking tools out there that can give you first-hand knowledge of your device’s specifications. With these apps, you’ll easily be able to find out information about your device’s CPU, camera, network, operating system, battery, GPU, and even sensors.

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These apps are entire programs that provide exact specifications, even though they may take up some RAM and storage space on your device. Examples of these apps include DevCheck, CPU-Z, and My Device, and they are all mostly supported and available on Android-powered smartphones. They are also all accessible on the Google Play Store and will do no harm to your smartphone (although the adverts could irritate you, it just might be worth it).

In summary, there’s a lot to benefit from finding out your smartphone’s specifications, especially if you’d like to make a new purchase and ensure that certain characteristics will be in your new device (or not, it goes both ways). 

Feel free to take advantage of the information we’ve provided in this article to properly check your smartphone’s specifications. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones so they can also benefit from it.

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