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How to Connect to WiFi without a Password: WPS, DDP, and QR code

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Passwords for Wi-Fi Networks You’ve Connected
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Today’s Wi-Fi networks almost universally require a password to access them. Even free Wi-Fi in public places is starting to be monitored. Many places you visit post their password inside the building to deter bandwidth thieves from the outside and protect data connections.

Fortunately, in order to increase convenience, manufacturers have developed a number of methods for a guest user to connect to a Wi-Fi network without having a password, but it’s not as easy as you might think. This article will help you though, because we’ve included instructions to show you how to connect to WiFi without a password.

How to Connect to WiFi without a Password

How Can I Connect to WiFi Without a Password?

Please keep in mind that this article is solely for educational purposes; it’s rude and might even be illegal to access someone’s Wi-Fi network without that person’s permission. Make sure you have permission from the network owner before using any of the techniques listed below to connect to any Wi-Fi without a password. 

Connect to a WiFi network without a Password using WPS

WPS is an abbreviation for Wifi Protected Setup. It is a feature that allows for simple wireless network setup and connection.

WPS connects a user to a wireless network by simply pressing a button on the router or entering a simple personal identification number (PIN) into the device to which they want to connect. The user will no longer be required to manually enter the network’s network name (SSID) and security key (password).

So how do you configure your phone to use the WPS feature? Follow the steps outlined here:

● Navigate to the “Settings” menu on your smartphone.

● Proceed from there to the “Networks and Internet settings” section

● Next,  navigate to Wifi settings and click the “Advanced Option” button.

● Select “Connect by WPS button” from the drop-down menu.

● The WPS handshake protocol will be activated. A new dialogue box will appear, informing you that you have 30 seconds to press the WPS button on the router. The WPS handshake protocol will be deactivated after 30 seconds.

● Some Wi-Fi routers do not have a dedicated WPS button, but rather a WPS pin. In this case, select “Connect by WPS button” and then enter the WPS pin, which should be found on the router’s sticker.

● Afterward, your phone will connect to the Wi-Fi network without needing a password.

Please keep in mind that some of the steps outlined here may differ depending on the brand and manufacturer of your smartphone. Furthermore, Apple devices do not support WPS standards, so iPhone and Mac users will be unable to use this method.

Connect to Wi-Fi Without a Password on Android/iPhone Using DDP

Another method for connecting to a Wi-Fi network without a password for Android 10 and higher versions is to use DDP (Device Provisioning Protocol), also known as Wi-Fi Easy Connect. 

See the instructions below to use this method to connect to Wi-Fi without a password on Android and iPhone 

First, configure an Android 10+ device as a DPP/Wi-Fi Easy Connect Configurator.

● Navigate to Settings and select Network & Internet.

● Select Wi-Fi, then either choose your connected SSID or tap the Settings icon beside it.

● Select the Share option from the advanced dropdown menu.

● A QR code will display, the code can then be scanned by other Android devices or iPhones to connect to the Wi-Fi network without a password.

Next, using DDP, connect to Wi-Fi. On Android 10 and later devices:

● Navigate to Settings > Network & Internet 

● After selecting Wi-Fi, scroll to the right side of the Add Network row to find the QR scan icon.

● You’ll come across a QR Code Scanner. You can scan any device with a Wi-Fi QR code when using a phone as the configurator.

If you’re using an iPhone:

● Open your phone’s camera.

● Scan the QR code displayed on the configurator (DPP/Wi-Fi Easy Connect device) 

● Select Join Network.

Connect to WiFi without a password by scanning a QR code

The QR code method of connecting to Wi-Fi networks without a password involves some technical knowledge and can be a little complicated. 

Some routers have a QR code on the back or bottom, usually near the SSID and default password. This method, however, only works with factory-set SSIDs and passwords. Furthermore, on newer routers, the QR code may be for DPP/Wi-Fi Easy ConnectTM connections rather than WPS.

Here’s how to use a router’s QR code to connect to Wi-Fi without a password:

● Open the camera app on your iPhone and navigate to “Settings.” Make sure QR code scanning is enabled. For Android users, download a QR code scanner app.

● Scan the QR code on the back of the router with the QR code app for Android or the camera app for iPhone/iOS.

● To connect to the Wi-Fi network, you should receive a banner or notification. 

● To connect, tap on the Wi-Fi SSID.

In conclusion, we hope that this guide has made it easy to understand how to connect to Wi-Fi networks without a password on your iPhone or Android device.

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