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How To FaceTime on Android Phones and Tablets

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FaceTime on Android
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Android users can be considered lucky in the smartphone world in the sense that they frequently have a wide range of alternatives, especially when selecting the hardware and software additions that truly personalize and distinguish smartphones. 

However, messaging and video conferencing with their pals who are Apple fans has been a sore spot. These people still like using FaceTime and iMessage despite the fact that there are many excellent alternatives. 

How To FaceTime on Android Phones and Tablets

The good news is that Android users will no longer be excluded from FaceTime calls. If you don’t already know how to participate in FaceTime calls as an Android user, we’ve created this article for you. So, follow this guide to learn how to initiate a FaceTime call on an Apple device and how to join the call on an Android phone.

Since when can Android devices use FaceTime?

FaceTime was introduced for iOS users as a dependable way of video chatting. It’s not unusual to see owners of iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices using FaceTime without limitations, so when you own any of these devices, you can sometimes take the FaceTime app for granted. However, users of Android devices don’t have the luxury because of FaceTime’s exclusivity to iOS devices. 

Users of Android devices are typically unable to download the FaceTime app or initiate their own FaceTime chats, which is a bummer. However, anyone can join a FaceTime call nowadays, even Android device owners, and we think this is a rather exciting development. 

This development is thanks to the release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS 12 Monterey, and with the quality of FaceTime calls, it’s superb that Android users are no longer left out totally from participating in FaceTime calls. 

Joining FaceTime Calls from Android Devices

FaceTime calls still cannot be initiated by Android users. But you can join calls that others make as long as you have Google Chrome. On the majority of Android smartphones, Google Chrome is pre-installed.

FaceTime calls must first be initiated by an Apple device user. For this, they will require:

  • iPhone with iOS 15 or later
  • an iPad with at least version 15 of iPadOS
  • a Mac with at least macOS Monterey installed.

The steps below should help Android users use FaceTime:

  • Open the FaceTime app on the Apple device and click on Create Link from the menu at the top of the app.
  • The Apple user must then decide in the pop-up whether they want to share the link using Mail, Messages, AirDrop, Snapchat, or another app. Whichever approach you choose, all the Android user needs is the link.
  • The Android user must launch Google Chrome after receiving the link to
  • The Android user should type their name and click Continue.
  • Once connected, ask the Android user to tap the floating pop-green up’s Join button. Additionally, they might need to grant FaceTime access to their microphone and camera.
  • The Apple user must then approve their request to join.
  • Once the call has begun, both participants will have the same options, including the ability to mute themselves, reveal or conceal their camera, end the conversation, and more.

Remember that while some FaceTime capabilities will typically not be available for Android devices, the basic features do work. You can use full-screen mode, mute your microphone and turn off your video, and swap between your front- and back-facing cameras with this web version. The configuration of the call participants can also be altered. Advanced features, like SharePlay, which enables you to stream video with peers using FaceTime, are, however, still exclusive to Apple products.

In summary, Apple’s decision to include Android users in the FaceTime experience is undeniably great. Now you can enjoy interesting conversations with your Apple-loving friends as an Android user. 

You should also keep in mind that there are several FaceTime alternatives that are excellent for your Android device if this version of FaceTime is insufficient for you or if you’d prefer to use an Android app that is similar to FaceTime. 

One of such apps is Google Duo, which is a program that comes closest to FaceTime for Android devices. Although it’s not an all-in-one messenger, some people like its simplicity. If your iPhone-owning pals don’t mind downloading another app, Duo is also accessible on iPhone and the web, making it simple for them to call you.

We’re sure you’ve found this article helpful, so don’t forget to share it with your friends and loved ones so that they can also benefit from it.

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