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How to use FaceTime on an Android Phone to connect with your iPhone-carrying friends

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If you are an iPhone user and FaceTime is your favorite way of video calling your friends, thankfully, you are in luck because you can now have a wonderful time with your friends that are using Android devices. Apple now allows FaceTime users to create live videos that connect with different operating systems.

The downside is that you can’t use an Android phone to make the call because there is no app available for Android users yet. There is also another downside, which is the requirement to update to iOS 15 because that is the only iOS that can permit video calling between Android and iOS devices.

With the recent release of iOS 15 after much anticipation, this iOS is locked with even greater functionality, unlike the last upgrades. You can now connect SharePlay and FaceTime on this iOS.

Here is how to use FaceTime on Android and Windows devices —

  1. Create a FaceTime link

To create the link you need Apple devices that are running iOS 15, macOS 12 Monterey, iPadOS 15, so this could either be a Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

• Launch the FaceTime app

• Tap on “Create Link”

• If you want you can choose a custom name for the link.

• A pop-up menu will appear with a list of social media you can share it with. Tap on your preferred social media and choose one or more of your contacts you’ll like to share it with. If you can’t find your preferred social media on the list, you can tap on “copy link” then paste wherever you want.

2. The recipient will click on the link

Once the link has been delivered to your recipient and the person clicks on the link, it will take them to their web browser. To avoid getting an error page, the browser must be the latest version of Edge or Chrome.

3. Input personal info

The recipient will have to enter their name and then tap on “continue” to initiate the call. Wait for a few minutes as you will still be in the “waiting room” until your host allows you into the chat.

Alternative video call apps

If the Facetime doesn’t connect due to not being on iOS 15, or you are using a late version browser, or the connection is a bit buggy, there are other great video calling platforms you can use. Here are some of the best video calling apps –

  1. Zoom

With online classes becoming a norm in this age, zoom has been the go-to option for most teachers and students. Businesses are also starting to use it a lot. This app has extensive features, and that has made it a popular choice among lots of people. Either you’re using a PC or smartphone, you can use this platform easily.

Even though in the early days of the app it suffered some high-profile security issues, it has bounced back with better end-to-end encryption for calls, and it now has notifications for privacy reasons, and its privacy policy has also been updated to reflect its terms and conditions on sharing and saving recordings of meetings.

The only downside is that it isn’t fully free. If you’re having a one-on-one chat then there are no restrictions, but if more than three people are having a meeting then you’ll get only a 40-minute time limit, so to get unrestricted access (up to 100 people) you’ll have to switch to their paid version.

2. WhatsApp

This is one of the most popular messaging apps for mobile users. It is easy to use and it only requires your phone number to set up an account. The best part is that it is widely used, so you can use it at any time without having to inform the person you’re calling beforehand. This is unlike zoom where you have to inform the person beforehand that you’ll be video chatting with them.

Back in the day, WhatsApp video chatting features weren’t the best, but it has had some upgrades which make it better now. Video calls on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about your calls being intercepted.

3. Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are both owned by the same person, but they function differently. You probably have an account on Facebook already because it was one of the most popular chatting platforms before WhatsApp was in existence. You can use Facebook Messenger to start video chatting with your friends on that platform. Even if you have deactivated your Facebook account before, you can still access that account on Facebook Messenger.

If you don’t have the app you can install it on the Google Play Store or App Store. Launch the app and start a call with a group or just an individual. You can video call with up to 50 people at the same time. While video chatting, you can still perform other functions like viewing your messages and replying to them.

The only downside with this app is that it gets buggy sometimes, but from my experience, it is usually because of a low-end phone. If you’re using the early Android OS, anything below Android 8, it might be a bit buggy.

4. Discord

This is the app where you will most likely find gamers. It’s a great platform to join if you want to connect with other gamers, and thankfully this app supports video chat. It also allows streaming, thereby making it a great app to use in playing games with your friend by streaming the screen contents of your device so they can see the game you’re playing.

Even though this platform is popular with gamers, you can also use it for educational purposes because of the streaming feature. The streaming feature now allows a maximum of 50 people and if you opt for the paid service you will be able to increase the streaming quality to 1080p/60 fps, up to a maximum of 720p/30 fps. So when you share your screen and tutor your students, they will be able to see things clearly.

5. Microsoft teams

This platform is similar to Zoom. It is also a popular app and it is mostly used by professionals or businesses for online meetings. It’s suitable for large group meetings because the free version allows up to 100 people, so this saves you some money if you’re holding large group meetings, unlike Zoom.

There are also professional tools on Microsoft teams that you will find useful when you’re video calling. Some of the tools are background changing, background blurring, noise suppression, among others.


FaceTime is a popular app on iPhones and it’s widely used by iPhone users, and with the end to the limitation of only allowing calls between iOS users, you can now easily use this app to connect with your friends using Android devices.

I covered all the steps to follow so you can enjoy your video chat. However, if for any reason whatsoever it doesn’t work well as expected, I also included alternative video calling apps you can use to connect with your friends, regardless of them using Android or Windows devices.

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