How to make your Samsung Galaxy A14 5G go faster

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Samsung Galaxy A14 5G was released in January 2023 with an Exynos 1330 or Dimensity 700 chipset on the inside, depending on your location. The US market gets the Dimensity chipset, while the rest of the world gets the Exynos chipset. Whichever chipset you have in yours, you will often find that you need to make your Samsung Galaxy A14 5G go faster from time to time.

Why is this so? These chipsets are not particularly low-end, but they are no power horses either. In addition, the Galaxy A14 5G has limited memory resources. All put together, all these mean that your device will slow down from time to time, and maybe even stutter or become sluggish, and you will need to optimise it to run faster and smoother.

How to make your Samsung Galaxy A14 5G go faster: A comprehensive Guide
You can make your Samsung Galaxy A14 5G go faster with manual or automatic optimisation

Three ways to make your Samsung Galaxy A14 5G go faster

There are three main ways to make your Samsung Galaxy A14 5G go faster and run smoother.

Restart your phone

The first one is to restart it. As I have mentioned on MobilityArena too many times, a simple restart does wonders for the memory settings of a smartphone that is beginning to slow down. What it does is clear the memory of junk. Think of it like when a human takes a nap or goes to sleep at night and wakes up refreshed. That is what happens when you restart (reboot) your smartphone.

To restart your phone, press and hold the power button till the power options show on the screen; then select “restart”. Your phone will restart in a few moments.

Clear the memory

The second one is to clear the phone’s RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM lets your Samsung phone load apps and information quickly. If you have noticed that your device has slowed down or if your apps or games don’t function as they should, free up memory by closing background apps to improve performance.

  1. Go to “Settings”, then tap “Device care”.
  2. Tap “Memory”.
  3. If you wish to exclude any apps from the cycle, tap “Apps to exclude from cleaning”, then tap “Add apps”, then select the apps and tap “Add”.
  4. Tap “Clean now”.

Shut down apps

The third way is to close background running apps and shut down apps that use excessive power.

Thankfully, with a Galaxy A14 5G, the ability to carry out these tasks easily has been built into the device. The A14 5G comes with a built-in feature called Device care which gives you all the tools you need to keep your device running smoothly and optimise your smartphone’s performance. Not only does it provide quick access to check your device’s battery, storage, memory and security, it can also run automatic optimisation checks on your phone for faster, better performance.

I will share details of how this works below. You can perform these tasks manually or you can set your phone to run an optimisation cycle automatically

Perform an optimisation cycle with Device Care

Give your device a quick boost by running a quick optimisation check. This feature is designed to identify apps that use excessive battery power, clear away redundant items from your device’s memory, delete unnecessary files and close apps that are running in the background. You can run a one-off cycle manually or set your device to automatically optimise once a day.

To optimise your Samsung A14 5G manually

  1. Go to “Settings”, then tap “Device Care”.
  2. Wait for a moment while Device care runs a diagnosis on your device. Your device will be given a score out of 100. The higher the score, the better optimised your device is.
  3. Tap “Optimise now.”

Your device will now complete an optimisation run. Once complete, the results will be displayed on-screen. Tap “Done” to finish.

To set your Samsung A14 5G to optimise automatically

  1. Go to “Settings”, then tap “Device Care”.
  2. Tap the More options icon (three dots).
  3. Tap “Advanced”.
  4. Tap the switch to activate “Auto optimisation”.

Setting up automatic optimisation this way is the most convenient way to make your Samsung Galaxy A14 5G go faster and run smoothly. You set it and forget it; the system will take care of keeping things running smoothly.

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