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How To Preserve Phone Batteries

Avatar of Joan Agie By Joan Agie Nov16,2022
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Flat phone batteries are quite annoying, especially when we need our cell phones while we’re away from a power source or charging port. It may also seem sometimes like you charge your phone for hours only to see it out of power in such a short time. This might cause you to wonder why the phone’s battery is depleting so quickly and what you can do to preserve phone batteries for longer.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with some useful advice on what to avoid doing in order to preserve phone batteries for longer. Pay attention to all the helpful tips contained in this guide, and figure out how to make your battery last longer.

How to Preserve Cell Phone Batteries for Longer

How Can One Preserve Phone Batteries for Longer?

You might be surprised to learn that a number of factors can drain your battery without your knowledge. However, by gaining control of these factors, you can preserve phone batteries for longer. 

Below, we’ve described the top reasons why a phone battery drains quickly, and how you can avoid them to preserve cell phone batteries for longer.

Avoid Increasing your Cell Phone’s Brightness

The screen brightness is one of the more obvious reasons why a cellphone battery drains quickly.  When you’re outside, having your brightness set to maximum may seem convenient, but this has a significant negative impact on your battery. Furthermore, using light mode when your phone’s brightness is at its highest dramatically reduces battery life. 

For anyone looking to preserve cell phone batteries for longer, it’s important to keep screen brightness as low as possible most times.

You can change the brightness settings on your phone to make it adapt to changes in ambient light. This will enable it to turn darker in low-light conditions and brighter in high-light conditions. You must first navigate to the Display or Display & Brightness section of your phone’s settings (depending if you’re using an Android or iOS phone) to adjust this setting.

A dim screen, however, isn’t always practical, particularly if you have poor vision. A different option is to put both the overall phone display and the screens of your regularly used apps in dark mode. The default white menu and app backgrounds on your phone will now be black instead of being severely darkened.

Opting for Dark mode helps you save battery in the long run, and it’s one of the most effective methods to preserve cell phone batteries for longer.

Disable Background Apps

When you aren’t using an app, it basically keeps running in the background. Calendar apps, antivirus, or VPN software are examples of such apps. Examples include calendar, health, antivirus, and VPN software. The fact that these apps monitor or manage some aspects of your phone without your input greatly depletes the battery, despite the convenience they bring.

Many of these programs also don’t have to keep running in the background. So, it’s a good idea to disable these apps to preserve phone batteries for longer.

Select Device Care (Android) or Battery (iPhone) from your Settings. When you select the battery optimization option that appears, any background apps you don’t require will be shut off.

Doing this is worth thinking about if you frequently experience a fast battery drain. So, follow the simple steps we’ve indicated above and you should be able to preserve phone batteries for longer.

Disconnect from the Internet when Possible

It may seem reasonable to always have your Wi-Fi or data on so you can remain connected day and night. However, since you continually receive background updates, and notifications when you don’t really need them, this can severely deplete your phone’s battery.

As such, if you’re looking to preserve cell phone batteries for longer, turning off your Wi-Fi while you’re sleeping is a great idea. You could, of course, just put your phone in Airplane Mode. However, you can disable your Wi-Fi and data on your phone’s dropdown list if you’re concerned about missing an essential call and want to continue taking calls. 

Remember that turning on Do Not Disturb mode on your phone won’t turn off your Wi-Fi or data, so it’s not an alternative that will do much in terms of preserving your phone’s battery for longer.

Turn Off Location-tracking Apps

Numerous apps are available that can track location on your device.  You may think these apps only track your location when you use them directly, but this isn’t necessarily the case. This continuous location tracking consumes your battery and must be disabled if you must preserve phone batteries for longer.

The simplest method to stop location tracking is to completely turn off your cell phone’s location services. On your phone, you can perform this via the dropdown menu. To view your complete location settings, you can also press and hold the location icon in the dropdown list on your phone. 

However, you can manually turn off location monitoring via each app’s “Permissions” section if you want some apps (like perhaps a safety or navigation app) to continue tracking your location. While it can take some time, doing so will offer you complete control over which apps can access your current location.

This is a good way to preserve phone batteries for longer and keep them from depleting too quickly.

Summarily, if you’ve been experiencing quick battery drain and need a fix, you could try one or more of the fixes we’ve suggested in this guide. You’ll be able to preserve your cell phone batteries for longer, and you’ll be more satisfied with your battery’s overall performance.

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