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How To Set Up Your Huion Graphics Tablet

Recently we got two Huion graphics tablets from the Chinese company, like the name implies these tablets are designed to help designers or artists max out on their digital design skills. While we still wait for the in-depth review of the tablets, let us now delve into how you can set up this graphics tablet for use.


So a few laptops now come with full touch screen displays for a more interactive user experience, and the more premium ones even add a pen. As a graphic designer you need these features on a laptop, but are you willing to spend over $700 to get a premium laptop that has features that suit your need? Why spend that much when you could grab a good graphics tablet from Huion at a very friendly price?

Set Up The Huion Graphics Tablet

using a graphics drawing tablet with my laptop

These graphics tablets come in different models and types, yet all the drivers for these tablets are available on the Huion website. Following the steps below will help you to set up the Huion graphics tablet with little or no stress at all.

  • Visit the Huion official website, click on driver and manual.
  • Search for your tablet model, select the operating system you are running on, the driver and submit.
  • Make sure to download the most recent driver for your operating system to get all the cool features.
  • Before installation, ensure any design software you have running on your system is closed.
  • Now install the driver file to your system.

With these few easy steps, you will have your driver file for your Huion tablet, but your setup does not just end there. You will need to tweak a few settings and adjust controls to suit your taste and pattern of drawing.

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To set up your controls, launch the now installed driver. On the interface, you will be greeted with a four setup options that you can easily work around. The four setup options are:

  • Press key: On all graphics tablets from Huion there key that lie along the edges of the drawing area or display. The press key option helps you pick functions for each key.
  • Stylus Pen: A very good thing I have personally noticed with the graphics tablets from Huion that I’ve come in contact with is that the pen that comes bundled with each model is the same. So you are expecting the same pen quality no matter what you get. The option for stylus pen helps you pick shortcut keys for the two buttons on the pen and also adjust the pressure sensitivity.
  • Work Area: This is the real deal! How wide your work space will be can be determined from this option. It is advisable that you set the work are to be full area, this give you more space to draw on with the Huion graphics tablet.
  • About: This is like a homepage where you can either export or import settings and also restore your tablet settings back to default.

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