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How to Share Wi-Fi Password on Android phones

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Passwords for Wi-Fi Networks You’ve Connected
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Sometimes, you may find it hard to remember your Wi-Fi password when you need to provide someone with access to your home Wi-Fi. Thankfully, this may not always be necessary because there are simpler ways to share your Wi-Fi password on an Android phone.

The option to share your Wi-Fi network information with other devices is typically integrated into Android 10 devices and others that run newer versions. In this guide, we’ll show you the different options you have to easily share your Wi-Fi password on your Android.

Share Wi-Fi Password on Android

How Can I Share my Wi-Fi Password on Android?

There are two easy ways to share your Wi-Fi password on your Android device. Keep in mind though that some of the menu options may be somewhat different, but the methods we’ve described below should work on any Android smartphone even though they are specific for Samsung Galaxy devices.

Share Wi-Fi Password on Android with a QR Code

To share your Wi-Fi password on Android as well as other network information with other devices, you can create a QR code and avoid having to input the password.

Keep in mind though, that exchanging QR codes merely lets you share your password on Android without having to remember it, and it helps you avoid manually entering the information on another device. It does not conceal your password. Creating a network share QR code involves the following steps:

● Launch the App drawer, then select Settings. Alternatively, click on Settings after swiping down to reveal the Quick Settings window.

● To examine your connectivity options, click on Connection.

● Choose Wi-Fi.

● Verify that you are logged into the network you wish to share. Then click the gear icon next to the network name, which represents Settings.

● To make use of the share network feature, tap the QR code symbol.

● A QR code will show up on your screen. To display the QR code, enter your PIN when requested or verify with fingerprint scanning.

● There are several ways to share the QR code once it is ready. The built-in or external QR code reader on the visitor device can scan the code to display network information.

● Go to Settings > Connection > Wi-Fi on another device to use the built-in network scanner.

● To start the Scanner, tap the QR code icon in the top-right area.

● Scan the QR code for the network share, then wait for the device to recognize the network

Sharing a Wi-Fi password on Android is easy with this method. The network name and password will be included in the QR code’s network information. So, to connect your phone to the network without inputting network information, just click on the Connect option.

Take note that some older Android smartphones might not have a network QR code scanner built-in. Instead, you can do it by using a third-party program like QR & Barcode Scanner.

Share Wi-Fi Password on Android using Nearby Share

It’s also possible to share your Wi-Fi password on Android without scanning a QR code, you can simply use Nearby Share. This method does not require QR code scanning but it does need you to build a network share QR code.

The Android feature called Nearby Share enables wireless file and app sharing between devices. Also, it helps you exchange network information with nearby Android devices. 

You’ll first need to enable and configure Nearby Share if you haven’t used it before. Below are the steps you need to follow:

● Tap Settings on your Android smartphone

● Click Google after you scroll down

● Click Devices & Sharing, then select Nearby Share

● Toggle the Use Nearby Share switch to the on position

● On your phone, enable Bluetooth and location

● Once finished, repeat the first method’s steps to produce a network share QR code.

● Select Nearby Share from the QR code screen, then hold your friends’ phones in close proximity to yours

● If necessary, click your friend’s phone name to accept the connection.

● After receiving the content, select Save network. The Android device will automatically save and establish a network connection.

● To close Nearby Share, tap Done.

In summary, either of the methods we’ve described above will help you successfully share your Wi-Fi password on Android. Ensure to follow the instructions correctly to get the right outcome.

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