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Turn Your Phone into a Security Camera: A Step-by-Step Guide

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If you are trying to use your phone as a security camera, you will need two phones to make that possible, along with an app that supports turning a phone into a security camera.

One of the best apps to use is the Alfred Camera. It is also the most used app for turning your phone into a security camera because it offers great features, and has a great performance.

You can turn your phone into a security camera.

How to use Alfred Camera to turn your phone into a security camera

This app has a free and paid version. On the free version, there are several settings and features available. But for the best experience when using this app, it is best you switch to Alfred Premium subscription. The downside of the free version is that the video quality is not so good.

To enjoy this app to the fullest, it is also beneficial if your phone isn’t that old. If you are an Android user, using an Android 8 upwards will make it more efficient. Here is how to use it in turning your phone into a security camera.


You need to get two phones for this to work. If you have an old phone, then this phone will act as the camera, while your main phone will be the control panel and viewfinder. Just make sure the phone acting as a camera is plugged into a power outlet.

• Download and install the app. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. You will download the app on both phones.

• Launch it on both phones and follow the instructions on the screen.

• Sign in with Google. Choose the Google account you want to use if you have more than one account, and you’ll have to give the app permission to your data. Use the same Google account on both phones.

• Give camera access and microphone access to the app by tapping on “allow”.

• One of the phones will be the camera (the old phone) while the other phone will be the viewer/control panel. Follow the on-screen instructions on how to set both up.

Alfred Camera Video Interface

• At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see three icons. They are “settings, turning on a power-saving mode, disabling/enabling motion detection”

• Choose the front lens to record the front of your environment or switch to the rear camera to record the back environment.

• You’ll see the active cameras listed on your screen. Tapping on the camera will take you to the live feed.

• There is a video button you can use to capture and save the video.

• Switch the camera orientation to what suits you.

• For visibility at night you can switch to night vision mode.

Alfred Camera Audio Interface

• Check the screen; you’ll see a microphone button. You can tap and hold it to use it to speak to anyone where the phone acting as a camera is located.

Other features

There are several other features available on this app, such as enabling flashlights or playing siren sound at high volume. This helps to make your environment even more secure. Other things you can do are changing the camera’s name, configuring motion detection, add other users to have access to the app, among others.

Alternative apps for using an old phone as a security camera

If Alfred Camera isn’t working efficiently on your phone, probably because your phone model is too old for it, there are other apps you can use either you are an Android or iOS user. Here are some of the best ones to opt for —

AtHome Camera

This is an app that has some of the best features for turning your phone into a security camera. It features an AI design that makes its motion detection impressive. It also features a 24-hour video recording, so you can check everything that happened 24 hours ago.

If the phone you are using is a high-end phone it might have great sensors. If it does, the app will be able to detect vibration and start filming automatically.

Since you will be using one phone as the camera and another one as the viewer/control panel, you will need to get separate apps but by the same developer. One of the apps performs the functions of a camera, while the other one performs the functions of a control panel.

This app works on both Android and iOS devices.


This app works well on iOS devices, especially if you will be using an iOS device as the camera and also the viewer. This app features an IFTTT channel that lets you link with numerous connected devices and web services.

For instance, if you have a motion detection light or stereo player, you can connect it to Manything so when motion is detected it will automatically turn on. This app allows you to turn your phone into a home-security tool and a motion-activated smart device.

It works on Android devices too, but from personal experience, I enjoyed it more on iOS devices.

Cloud Baby Monitor

This is a great app to settle for if you are looking for an unlimited range of LTE, Wi-Fi, or 3G network, and it is also an app with high-quality video.

It is compatible with the Apple Watch, so instead of using your phone, you can use the watch to get noise and motion alerts. You can also use it on your Mac computer.

This app allows you to play soothing white noise or a lullaby to use in getting your baby to sleep. This is a great feature because you don’t have to always physically soothe your baby every time the baby turns in his or her sleep. Just soothe the baby from the available playlist, and you’ll be able to focus on whatever you’re doing.

This app works on iOS devices and Android devices, but it has more functionality for iOS devices.


When most people use their phone as a security camera, they make use of old phones. It’s a great idea instead of just throwing it away because it can sit for decades on a landfill, and this isn’t great for the planet. If you’re one of those that let their old phones sit in the drawer, here is an opportunity to put them to good use.

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