Photos from Huawei G-Power Bloggers Roundtable in Lagos

Posted by received an invitation to attend Huawei Nigeria’s G-Power Bloggers Roundtable and we were there. Held on the 9th of February 2016 at Victoria Island, at the event, Huawei introduced and showcased the new G-power mid-range smartphone. You can check out the full specifications and price sheet of the Huawei G-Power HERE. Enjoy the following photos from the event.

G-Power Bloggers Roundtable session

G-Power Bloggers Roundtable group

A number of smartphone brands have not been very visible, much less impressive, in the Nigerian market, and Huawei is one of them. The brand has produced acclaimed smartphones and tablets year and has performed admirably globally year after the year, but the Nigerian operations seems to have stayed stuck in a hole till date. We can only hope that they change that. In the meantime, we look forward to bringing you one of those smashing reviews that you love as soon as we are able to get our hands on the G-Power.


  1. Huawei don’t make reasonable budget phones like Gionee and tecno does. They only make phones for the upper class.

  2. Actually Huawei were the original budget phone. They made network branded phones for years, and a few years ago branched out into own brand devices.

    Maybe it says more about the type of Huawei phones marketed in Nigeria than anything else. They’re definitely not in the league of the likes of the iPhone and are very different to Samsung for sure.

    If you’re looking for the likes of Innjoo and Gionee pricing from Huawei, it would be safe to say they’ve moved on from there. Which is not a bad thing.

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