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How to Increase in-call volume in Android devices

    • This tutorial is restricted to Android devices running on MTK processors (TECNO, Infinix, Innjoo, Gionee, Wiko, SOLO).
    • You must not be rooted for this procedure to work.
    • Be sure to follow the steps religiously, and you’ll be fine.
Android speakers

Are you experiencing low volumes during calls? Do you feel your phone’s speakers have very low volumes? Here’s a simple tweak to set it right:

    • Download MobileUncle.apk or any other app that gives you access to Engineering Mode.
    • Select Engineer Mode (MTK)->Hardware Testing-> Audio
    • From Audio -> select Normal Mode
MTK Audio
    • You’ll see “Type” ,increase “Max Vol”, increase it to 150 (You can still go higher to 160).
    • Do the same for Sip, Mic, Sph, Sph2, Sid and Media.
    • Make sure to press the Set button every time.
    • That’s all.

After increasing these 6 values ,your call volume will definitely increase. If the volumes are too loud, you can go back and set it to 140 or something lower.

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