Infinix smartphones get new music app via software updates

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Infinix Mobility is pushing out software updates to two of its newest smartphones, the Note 2 and the Zero 3. I suspect that an update will be available for other Infinix models too, considering the modifications these updates bring to the devices.


The update bumps XUI on both devices to newer versions, and includes the following modifications:

1.Optimized power consumption
2. Added Tuko
3. Changed Google Music to Infinix Music
4. Added XCloud
5. Optimized the effect of front and rear camera
6. Updated Facebook, WhatsApp, Palmplay, Xclub, Twitter, Touchpal
7. Optimized system stability and performance

It looks like Infinix is investing more in their own custom software. First, XUI arrived, then XCloud, Xcontacts, and now we are reading of Infinix Music. I wonder what the Infinix Music app is like – a rebranding of Google Music or Infinix’s creation from ground up?

Our Infinix Zero 3 is updating as I type this, so I shall find out soon enough and come share some more. Do you have a recent Infinix smartphone? Do check to see if there’s an update waiting for you and come share.


  1. Interesting what Infinix is doing here…I suspect the efforts of Innjoo in creating a community haven’t gone unnoticed. Infinix trying to replicate this is commendable…it’s a sight to see how people react to this though

  2. Infinix lollipop updates has been nothing but trash.

    They resolve one issue and include several others.

    Battery life is a joke. ?

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